What LV are you in love with right now?

  1. So... What LV are you in love with right now?

    Preorder? Something you own? Something you're saving for?

    Spill it guys and ladies!

    I'm falling in love with the Azur line, even though it has vachetta. :girlsigh:

    now you!
  2. I am really loving my blue Le Fab and mono Mizi at the moment!:love:
  3. Duomo or Knightsbridge (i told that few few times!) LOL!
  4. Believe or not, I want a cabas piano right now
  5. Pining for a Manhattan GM :love:
  6. Golden Suhali LeFab! :love: ;)
  7. I'm in love with the Damier Azur, too! I can't wait!:heart:
  8. :lol: When I was at the Damier counter last time in LV the Knightsbridge was fondled so much I thought it should sue. Lovely piece!
  9. my damier speedy!
  10. now with my croissant gm!
  11. LOL - in the past 10 mins, i've been thinking about BH, Manhattan GM and Epi Passy GM hehehe!!!
  12. The black MC Alma...one of these days....one of these days...
  13. Oooh! Yeah, the BH and Epi Passy GM are on my mind a lot lately,too!:heart:
  14. Kinda interested in denim bagg pm in fuchsia :P
  15. oooh droooling over a suhali black or blue lefab :love: grrr oh yes and a damier azur speedy :yes: