What LV Accessories..?

  1. I want to make my Reporter bag more interesting-looking and more "stylish" and "personal".. What accessories can I use to "beautify" it? Like what key rings, scarves, etc.? HELP PLS!
  2. How about the gold disco ball keyring (pardon my ignorance if there's an official name for it)?
  3. Jack & Lucie Keychain looks great on the reporter:yes:
  4. To spruce up my bags, i have Jack & lucie on my rivets,
    speedy keychain on my Azur speedy and pastilles keychain on my roxbury! You could put a scarf on one?
  5. The disco ball is FAB! I have the gold. The official name is Glitter Key Holder.

    I also like the Inclusion pieces (the Speedy Key Chain) or a bandeau to tie on the strap.

    There are a lot of threads with pictures.
  6. scarf and bandeau if you want it to be 'noticeable', pp also use Juicy charms b/c it's gold hardware, now some LV come in silver tone hardware(new epi pieces), I've seen pp w/Coach charms on it too. Some pp use bracelet or necklace to juice up the bags too.
  7. Panda Cles if you can still find one...

    Or perhaps try using a Key and Change holder?
  8. Ohh! I agree! My Jack and Lucie looks so cute on everything!
  9. Jack & Lucie are timeless- I use them all year.
  10. Jack and Lucie, Pasitlles key ring in MC or Mono, Glitter key ring, Hollywood or Cannes Key ring, Speedy inclusion key ring. All would be great choices. I don't know about a bandeau on that bag though. It might look too fussy with such a casual strap. KWIM?