What luxury items do you see in real life? Bags, RTW, jewelry, shoes, etc.


Apr 15, 2013
Yesterday while at the supermarket:
-Chanel black caviar ghw WOC, gray 19 WOC
-Goyard St. Louis tote
-BV cassette bag
-Dior book tote
-LV pochette métis bags (monogram canvas and empreinte), neo noé bucket bags
-Saint Laurent black WOC, black envelope bag
-Fendi mon tresor bucket bags in assorted colors and prints (mine included)

In my apartment building last night I saw a woman with Chloe woody sandals and a Dior oblique jacquard print saddle bag.


Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
Outdoor mall:
- coco handle, black, gold hdw
- LV coussin
- nude empreinte pochette metis
- YSL camera bag
- Chanel deauville, black with sparkles? (She was also wearing that black Chanel swimsuit with the white border and small LV logo as a bodysuit top)
- LV neverfull
- white rectangular Chanel mini, gold hardware
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Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
Shopping mall (let’s see how much I remember lol)

- Chanel jumbo, black, silver hdw
- goyard tote
- jacquemus turquoise bag
- palms spring mini
- LV neverfull
- Chanel seasonal black bag with lots of small chains draped over the front
- Chanel black dad sandals
- LV on the go tote
- Balenciaga hourglass white bag with silver hardware
- loewe basket bag
- LV loop monogram bag
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