What lovely Gucci are you using today?

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  1. Thank you.:hugs:Our cats are the center of our universe and Dexter is our special beauty.:heart:
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  2. Silver and enamel cat head brooch. I think @Dextersmom may need one too :biggrin:

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  3. Oh that is so special. :heart: Thank you for sharing, PT. I may have to look at this in person. :hugs:
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  4. The bag looks great on you... you look great on the bag.. YOU look absolutely great ! Looks like a 'WIN - WIN - WIN' to me.
  5. I have a 10 year old.. it comes with the territory. lol
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  6. Wound a long ribbon around the chain to shorten the strap drop.
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  7. Both dog and bag are so cute
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  8. Thank you! He is almost 13 years old and he’s always been a good boy, he knows not to play with things that don’t belong to him :smile:
  9. Such cuties. :heart:
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  10. IMG_20191013_131728.jpg Today I am wearing my Gucci Marmont loafers in brown and Gucci GG Diamond cotton socks.
  11. Thank ya Raedaybaby !
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  12. Bold and unapologetic! Love it!
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  13. Aw shucks... Thank you for the kindest of words...where have you been all my life ? lol
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  15. Thank ya Snibor
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