What lovely Gucci are you using today?

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  1. The first ear rings looking good. How much it is.
  2. You’re a pretty lady! So glad you are wearing and enjoying the bag. Love the earrings and the cat ring is so cute, think I might need one!
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  3. A6F35F5D-A316-4508-AE38-1E7C77E29040.jpeg

    Waiting for my partner at the nail salon with this beauty and my rainbow sneakers! Wish this bag held just a bit more but it’s so pretty I can’t fault it tbh.
  4. Oh my that bag is stunning in mixed metallic! Shoes are awesome too! Beautiful!
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  5. We were in Hong Kong for my birthday the weekend it came out and they had a giant picture of it on the wall outside the shop and I basically stopped in my tracks and screamed, it’s pretty much me in a bag :love:
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  6. Using my Disco today!
  7. Waiting for our boba guys order despite the chilly and rainy weekend lol
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  8. Those boots! Luv.
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  9. Thanks Snibor have a good day!
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  10. FedEx just delivered these beauties I ordered from the Cabazon Outlet...can’t use them now due to snow, so I’m breaking them in at home. IMG_2502.JPG
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  12. I just got a new Gucci for valentines!!! My bf got me a pink metallic marrimont bag !!! It’s perfect for date night or errands
  13. That’s enough to brighten a cold winter day. Beautiful.