What lovely Gucci are you using today?

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  1. Such a cute outfit :amuse: I love those Ferragamo hair bands too :flowers:
  2. :ps: This is SO remarkably beautiful I stopped dead in my tracks scrolling through the thread. Major WOW WOW WOW
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  3. Love my mini ❤️
  4. I tried this on yesterday, very stylish and practical, I understand now why so many people love it. Such a great everyday bag. Its on my Wishlist list too.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Thank you! It was so hard to find it!!
  7. Don't shoot me! :shocked:
    I've been trying to find a pair of loafers to match my fuchsia Lady Web for quite a while. While I would have loved a pair of Gucci loafers the pink color was too pink. Saw these Sam Edelman loafers in a fuchsia color/GHW and thought I'd give them a try. Not too bad. Haven't used this bag since I bought it...using it tonight with the loafers.
    gucci bag shoes.jpg
  8. I have the same shoes in black. They look great!
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  9. No bag today, just the belt :smile:
  10. What a great find/match! Twins on this bag....it’s one of my faves.
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  11. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :smile: made my day xx
  12. Today :smile:
    2F3CCB45-264E-4169-992D-B5BA35AC4313.jpeg 45C81DEF-ADB7-4B7E-9C0D-C69A836F85FB.jpeg
  13. Only the shoes, I love them so so much!! They are so beautiful~~ And the tigers pattern looks cool!
    96C5BB56-67F5-4F8D-8F66-6DD5554E5970.jpeg BA4F82A4-16E4-4E1A-AE28-A29135687A51.jpeg
  14. Using Dionysus belt bag while out for lunch. Love this bag
  15. Using this Marmont mini today [​IMG]