What lovely Gucci are you using today?

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  1. Gucci padlock red for christmas![​IMG]
  2. Marmont messenger
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  3. Guccissima men’s messenger
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  4. The most gorgeous bag I’ve ever laid eyes on. The green is to die for. I love Gucci’s print marmonts and also their velvet marmonts.
  5. Using this beauty today

  6. Keeping it simple...
    Gucci bag and scarf.jpg
  7. Literally so beautiful
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  8. Dang girl, your stylist name surely becomes you! How FAB is this mod:heart::loveeyes:Totally LOVE every single thing I see from pretty hair to spiffy toes!!:lol::drinks:
  9. I would be staring at this beauty non stop, all day/night long :heart::heart::heart::cloud9:
  10. I think I’ll love my mini Marmont forever! I know not everyone is a fan but I adore her. Happiest 2019 everyone!
  11. Preordered this beauty a month ago and just got it in the mail! My first white/cream colored bag :smile: hopefully the color transfer isn't too bad lol but it was too cute to resist! IMG_0130.jpg
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  12. This is gorgeous.
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  13. I can see why you couldn't resist...just be careful with denim.
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  14. Gorgeous... you might have to only wear white or white denim... that color leather loves dyes, dirt, dust, fingerprints, makeup, lipstick, food, grass stains, and simple rubbing from anything... totally unforgiving. Other than that disclaimer... enjoy the bag !
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  15. Happy New Year. I think it’s absolutely beautiful especially the colour.
    Such a classy bag, you made a good choice. Love it.
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