What lovely Gucci are you using today?

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  1. The Gucci forums seem to be on the low side of traffic lately, so I thought this might get some action going here. :police:

    (I attempted a search to find another thread like this and surprisingly, we didn't seem to have one, other than someone asking what bag people were using on Thanksgiving. But if I mistakenly overlooked an existing one, the mods can close this one.)

    After months and months of using my treasure of a find, black Blondie hobo, i decided to switch back to my Tattoo Boston for a while.

    So ladies/gents... what Gucci bag are you using today? :graucho:
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  2. Great idea, Dizchik! Today I am using my black mono large web hobo with the black mono D-ring wallet. I think it is my favorite bag I own at the moment :biggrin:
  3. We have this thread over at the Coach site and we love it. It is really fun... We includ pictures.

    Here she is my Moss Green D gold Hobo.. :yahoo:

    She is so soft and yummy and she has so much room.:

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  4. Great idea dizchik!!!! I'm using my duchessa crystal hobo with beige joy wallet, and mini boston fey fob
  5. Great idea!

    Today I am using my Icon Bit Boston (I've also got my handy Envirosax reusable bag with me to use as protection from the rain we're having today). :biggrin:

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  6. I love it!! and I love how purse savvy you are..
  7. How creative! I love those Envirosax too! So stylish! I've been wanting to get a set for a while now.
  8. ^^FYI Envirosax are 25% off on outdoorbalance.com right now. They charge shipping but for me I had no tax (9.5%) so it was a few dollars cheaper for me to get it here than anywhere else I found. Plus shipping was fast via USPS Priority - I ordered on Thursday and got it on Saturday!
  9. I'm wearing my Irina flap ...and, I always have an envirosax in my bag -- it has so come in handy with rain plus a few times on biz trips where I need to haul something home that I bought that doesn't quite fit in the luggage;) Also, is great when you're flying and don't want your bag to actually touch the gross carpet in airplanes and they make you put your bag under the seat!

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  10. Suddenly I feel so unstylish just carrying around a large plasic carrier bag :shame: as a just-in-case Gucci 'wrapper'.
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  11. I love tPF - the first I heard about Envirosax was last week when I was complaining about rain and not being able to use my IB boston. Then cammommyof3 suggested Envirosax. LOVE them! I learn something new everyday on tPF.

    Hehe - the Envirosax really are cute and stylish. They come in a ton of different colors/styles. I love how these fold up so small and take up hardly any space in your bag.

  12. :salute:
  13. Good idea with the Envirosax!! Will def. not to carry one but it hardly rains here in California!

    I am carrying my black britt tote. Sorry, I don't have a camera on me :Push:
  14. awww...I didn't wear any of my Gucci bags today...darnit!! I guess I'll have to switch bag tomorrow so I won't feel leftout in this thread! :happydance: