What Louis Vuitton's did you buy your loved ones for the Holidays?

  1. Hi! :heart: Now, I know many LOVE getting LV for the Holidays and special occasions, (and well, just for no reason at all, let's be honest now) but what, if any, LV did you get for someone special this Holiday?

    For Xmas, me, Andrew and my mom got my dad a Damier 6-key holder case and a gorgeous blue silk Tie (kinda like the Dots style, but with small pale yellow LV logos and blue on blue fleurs, etc...don't know the style name, it's not on Elux currently). It's so lovely and noticable, but chic and classy and beautiful. I will take pics on Xmas of them and him!

    We put out some presents tonight under the tree and he saw his name on brown LV boxes and was so shocked. I'm so excited to give him these. We also got him a blue cashmere sweater from Nordstrom's. We got my mom a Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring, Border's giftcard and Juicy Couture Parfum.

    I can't say what all I got Andrew cause he reads tPF and stalks my threads, teehee.

    Tonight I glanced over a lil after I put the presents out and saw another LV box, like agenda sized. My dad only has 2 LV boxes....This one says MY name from Andrew on it!! So, I can only imagine! There's also a box high up hidden on my dresser from Elux addressed/shipping label to Andrew that I can't reach, so god knows what THAT could be as well!!!!

    So, share what LV you got your family, friends, loved ones that you just can't wait to see the shock and surprise on thier faces when they open Xmas morning or for your Holiday! :yahoo: :love: :heart:

    xoxo :heart:
  2. My family isn't into LV. My mom has one and that's all she desires. She's not like me!! LOL
  3. got my hubby another wallet---mono with coin pocket and a damier speedy 30 for my younger sister. will also be getting something for my little girl but she hasn't made up her mind yet as to which bag she wants....
  4. Bianca, that's so sweet that you got them those! Your little girl is so lucky, I'm sure she's gonna love whiever she gets :yes:
  5. I got my Mom a Mono Pochette - this will be her first LV, and if she likes it, then more next year!
  6. I got my Aunt a Sweet Flowers Bandeau in Pink
  7. Thanks, Gayle! Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas!

    Now I need to get ready and head to the airport together with my family because we have an early flight to L.A. We'll be celebrating Christmas & New Year there:yahoo:.
  8. My family isn't into LV neither. My sister like Dior so I was thinking of getting her a Dior wallet but she has Gucci wallet, i might get her this pair of Dior heel she's always wanted.

    Biancaboo: I'm so jealous of you. You get to spend time at Cali for Xmas & New Year. My family used to go there every year around Christmas eve and stay for 2 weeks but they changed plan for Michigan this year. I'll be seeing lot of snow. But I miss Cali dearly! Have fun over there. I heard it's freezing still.
  9. Ha ha nothing! They aren't that into LV and I guess I was too cheap!
  10. My sister and I got my mom the black epi lockit!!
  11. I also got my dad a damier 6-key holder! If he likes it I'm going to get it heatstamped. I got my mom a mono eyeglass case...I'm hoping the expensive LV case will motivate her not to leave her glasses everywhere...
  12. Got my brother a monogram wallet for bday/Christmas (7 days apart, the poor thing :p), and the black MC bandeau for Mum as a pre-Christmas present.
  13. I just got my mom the Damier bear pin. :yes:
  14. I got my niece a mini pochette accesoires, thus cementing my position as Favorite Aunt - last Christmas was perfection. She and her girlfriend (she was 15 then) watched The Devil Wears Prada on Christmas Eve, and the next day she openied my gift of a cute little preowned Prada small nylon and leather trim pochette-style purse. MY SIL says she nearly began hyperventilating, LOL.
  15. Got my mom the limelight clutch in copper from my boutique in MN and she got me the PDV in Anthra (or so she says hehe) at her boutique in FL. I think we'll do a LV secret santa exchange for years to come. More LVs for me to inherit.