What Louis Vuitton wallet do you use for your Pochette Accessoires??

  1. Hi Everyone!
    Im just very curious as to what wallet you all use for your Pochette Accessoires (or any other small bag). I'm looking to buy a nice compact LV wallet to match my Pochette Accessoires in mono, just don't know which one! I would love to know everyones thoughts, opinions and experiences.

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. I use the Rosalie, I have three. I also have a Victorine which I intended to use but find I love the Rosalie more so it sits in its dustbag unused.
  3. I use the zippy coin purse. I don’t carry much just usually the zcp and iPhone with my car fob. Love the PA!
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  4. I looooooove the Rosalie! I always thought the Victorine would be more practical for me, but now second guessing how i feel about it!
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  5. It's a great little bag! The zcp would be a great addition for the PA! Thank you
  6. ZCP or just a Porte-cartes simple.
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  7. I’m considering a Pochette Accessoire as well and thinking of getting the Zipped Card Holder or ZPC for my smaller bags.
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  8. I don’t. I use a key pouch to hold my cards inside the PA.
  9. I use the pocket organizer when I need a small wallet.
  10. I use my card holder if I only need a couple of cards or my insert from my Felicie if I need to carry more cards.
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  11. Cardholder, going very minimal as this is a small handbag - I don’t need to carry all the cards with me
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  12. I use my porte monnaie plat wallet. It's perfect for the essentials and even fits in my bucket pouch with room to spare. IMG_5484.jpg IMG_5485.jpg IMG_5486.jpg IMG_5488.jpg
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  13. I just bought the 6 key ring holder. When my PA comes back from repair I will place my driver license, insurance, and debit card in the slot behind the keys.
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  14. You would love it! Sounds good :biggrin: