what looks better on me?

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  1. Fuelled by this morning's HAC posting frenzy, I am trying to debate between a 40 Birkin and a 36 HAC. I am 5'11 (without heels), and presently 33 weeks pregnant. You'll have to use a bit of imagination to "see" me in my non-pregnant size.

    I don't have a 40 Birkin *or* a 36 HAC. But I do have a 35 Birkin, 35 Kelly and 32 HAC. I've modelled them in different outfits to kind of see what works best.

    What do you think? Based on these photos, do you "see" me in a Birkin 40 (clemence etoupe) - or a 36 HAC (hopefully chevre etoupe)? I personally think the 35 Kelly works best on me - out of these photos - but what does that mean?? (I'll save my theory for the very end...)


    Chaiken maternity dress
    Manolo campari mary janes (black patent)/Louboutin python simple 85s
    Chaine d'ancre
    etriviere bracelet (I think) in barenia
    Barenia 35, 1999/Kelly Rouge H 35 (I like the formal structure - I think I might prefer this feel to a slouchy clemence 40 Birkin)
    chaikenbarenia1.jpg chaikenbarenia2.jpg chaikenbarenia3.jpg chaikenkelly1.jpg chaikenkelly2.jpg
  2. OK. More photos.

    TSE dress
    Chaine d'ancre
    Louboutin grey patent leather simple 90s
    Kelly Rouge H
    tse1.jpg tse2.jpg tse3.jpg tse4.jpg
  3. ...and last one. Turns out I didn't take many 32 HAC photos.

    Isabella Oliver pregnancy dress
    32 HAC vache naturelle 1984


    I think I like structure, and will want structure, from my bag - as opposed to the batwing Birkin look (that the 40 in clemence can be prone to).
  4. Happy pregnancy! My baby just turned 3 months:girlsigh:...It goes so fast...

    Ok..I think based on the pics that 36 Hac would work excellent. I too love the 35 Kelly on you...You look fabulous MOM!:heart:
  5. :tup: love it.
  6. I was going to say that the bigger bags look good on you but it might be....the fact you are pregnant.....

    but the 36cm...whiich I have...is plenty big.....is still smaller to be a day bag.

    in my opinion
  7. Everything is perfect!!! Thanks for the photos
  8. Well, first CONGRATS on your pregnancy! You look amazing!

    Second, I think all the bags look great, however I think you should go for the HAC--I'm also starting to fall for the HAC. A 40 Birkin is gonna be BIG.....but are you thinking 40 Birkin for a diaper bag? Or you just prefer a bigger birkin? I think if you are thinking 40 for a handbag and also have a diaper bag, and you new little one, carrying all that is going to HEAVY!! But if you are thinking 40 for diaper bag/handbag....I say go for it!

    But really, you can't lose with either! They are both going to be amazing.
  9. Whoa -- I hope when I'm pregnant I can wear heels and dresses like that! You look fantastic!

    Personally, I think the 35 Kelly looks great on you. I think the 36 HAC would look great, too, since you're so tall.
  10. I like the Kelly 35 on you as well, but I have to say that I am a die-hard Kelly fan, and that Kelly of yours is totally gorgeous.
  11. I think you look fabulous! My preference is the 36HAC.
  12. WOW you look fantastic !!!! I would go for the 36 HAC
  13. HAC 36. You can use it as an occasional diaper bag too.
  14. Piaffe, you look stunning!! Congratulations!! :tup:

    I love all your bags, they are gorgeous...but for some reason the HAC looks small to me. Not sure why.... Just MHO, but I think the Birkin and Kelly look great and are large enough to fit baby thingees in. :graucho:

    Your theory has me in suspense! :popcorn:
  15. Piaffe, you are beautiful and so are your bags!!! Everything looks great to me. Tf I must, I choose the HAC.

    Congrats on your pregnancy and have a safe delivery!