What!!! Look at the price!

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  1. Look what i found...
    do not link to fakes please.
  2. WTH???

    Man.. that's bad.. :cursing:
  3. It's ALL fake bags....
  4. ew...sketchy site.
  5. double ew... :sad:
  6. Yeah, they're trying to pretend it costs that much and they've reduced it soooo low. Any nut would check up on that before spending even $200+ dollars.
  7. H.S. --- give me a break!
  8. eww those are some bad fakes. I can't ever get over how many fake bag sites are out there- they're still expensive too, you would think people would just save up for a real bag if they're willing to spend so much on a replica.
  9. Send an email to the Counterfiet thing at Coach. I did before and they took down a Purse party Site I reported (that was posted on here).
  10. also i love how it says made in the USA
  11. Those are horrible! A lot of them are listed at that same price! Ugh!
  12. That's the problem. A lot of the nuts that would buy those don't do the research. :sad:


    That was a dead giveaway (though sad in its own way....).
  13. someone would have to be mental to spend that kind of money for those bags.
  14. There are "Prada" bags listed under Coach, and all the Coach bags are listed with an original of $1355! :blink:
  15. Does anyone know where on the COACH site there's an option to report this site? I looked around and can't really find anything...:sad:.

    Oh and BTW...that website is pathetic lol.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.