What Little treat should a 15 year old boy get for christmas??? =]

  1. Hey I just got my first LV ever, it was a Olav PM for my 15th birthday!!!! Its nothing big and its amazing!!!!! :yahoo:I just want some thoughts from wonderful people here on what i should get as a small treat for christmas. Do i have an addiction now? LOL. I was thinking of a wapity or is that a lil girly??Im currently thinking of a Okapi PM Thoughts please!!!! Thank you!!!!! =]=]=] :tup:
  2. congrats on your Olav PM. how about a belt or wallet?
  3. I think a wapity sounds good. Not too girly in the monogram. A belt or a simple wallet would be nice too.
  4. The Okapi PM is way cuter than the wapity, IMO.
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Congrats!!

    I would suggest a belt.
  7. Aww Congrats! It's so exciting to hear about people getting their first LVs... you may not get addicted like a lot of us, but it is tempting to keep buying LVs. It's just nice to have a variety... but anyways... CONGRATS! :smile:
  8. I think an Okapi would be great! I plan on getting one next year cause I like the wapity but prefer Damier. And I don't think it would be too girly. I've seen pics posted with both men and women and it seems to be an androgynous item.
  9. I am with Mr. Duck on this one. Go with a belt or wallet.
  10. Belt or wallet.
  11. I'd definitely go with a belt to match your bag. Nothing hotter than a guy with a matching belt. lol
    Ignore Tara in this pic- I'm posting it because of the belt the dude has on.

  12. firts of all happy bday! and 2nd, congratulations yayyyy
    i would suggest the belt. a guy wearing matching bag and belt looks great!
  13. *nods in agreement* belt or wallet...then shoes ;) :tup:
  14. i vote for a wallet :smile:
  15. sorry ive been away for a couple of block exams ! :p cheerz soo much for your advice!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: