What Little L.A.M.B. is this? A Mini-Reveal!

  1. I found this on the bay a few days ago. The story surrounding it is kinda amusing....I'll share that later. I actually figured it was a key pouch from the original Love collection. I've only seen a couple of those pop up on eBay in the last couple of years. I know shibby_baby has one and I think another Lambie has one, but I can't remember for sure. So anyway, I was pretty excited to find one since I have such an obsession with L.A.M.B. accessories.

    Well then the little guy arrived. I was shocked by how BIG he is! And now I don't know what it is, LOL! It's not on lambcollections.com so I have nothing to go on.

    I'm guessing it's the Love equivalent to the zip pouch from the Signature line? Or is it meant to be a cosmetics case? Any ideas?

    Pics to follow....
  2. Here it is! He's a big boy, huh? Ha, ha... I took comparison pics for it with my Lipstick Saddle zip pouch, Cheetah key pouch and my newest Python pouch.



    IMG_4458.JPG IMG_4452.JPG IMG_4453.JPG
  3. As for the story behind it.... The seller originally had it listed with a Dooney & Bourke bag. I almost missed it since it didn't receive top billing in the listing. I immediately emailed her and asked if she would consider selling it separately. She agreed thankfully and said the only reason she had them listed together was because "she thought they matched nicely and looked cute together." Now I'm an old-school Dooney fan so no bashing here but um....hello! Those two are not in the same category at all! LOL, she was too cute. :p

    Here's the listing she has for the Dooney bag now and you can still see the case in it. :amuse:

  4. That is so cool!!! i've never seen one of those either, maybe it was a sample at that time. Nice score Cheryl, it is a cutie!!!
  5. ^Ohhh! I never thought it possibly being a sample. Cool!

    Thanks Shannon!! :hugs:
  6. SCORE!!!! What a find :woohoo::yahoo::woot: Cheryl you always find the MOST AMAZING things on eBay. FABULOUS Find...enjoy her. She also looks like she is in amazing condition. Hard to find on a white bag. YOU ROCK :rochard:
  7. OMG what an exquisite and beautiful piece Cheryl! LOVE this reveal! Glad you were able to find such a rare and gorgeous piece to add to your collection! The Love collection is possibly my favourite lineup from L.A.M.B. Plus I think this will go great with your Cherry Blossom collection! That is until you get that cosmetic pouch! :biggrin:
  8. ^:ty: Mark & Rahnon!!

    It's in pretty good condition considering it's white. One corner has a little color transfer but other than that, it's clean. I don't think I want to use it...I want to preserve it as long as possible, LOL. :p
  9. Hi Cheryl, this is a rare find. I believe this is a Zip Pouch from the 2007 Lux Love line. It doesn't have a specific name. I believe it was in the first run of Love bags and they were eventually made a little smaller. If I find anything else out I will let you know. I hope this helps. Great Find!
  10. What are the dimensions? Here is the dimensions for the Zip Pouch, is it bigger than this?
    7"W x 4 1/2"H x 1"D
  11. ^You're so good Lori....thank you for the info!

    Let me go measure it....BRB!:biggrin:
  12. The measurements you quoted are the same! 7 by 4.5"

    Mystery solved! Thank you again Lori!!!:hugs:
  13. Those are great! Nice find!
  14. Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I have been on here! I have been trying to be good and not buy!! I sold a lot of my collection to pay some bills off....

    I had to come by and see this beauty, Cheryl. It is AMAZING!!! I still have my little key pouch...I miss the little accessories of the original collections!:biggrin:
  15. Nice find, it's a beauty!