What little goodie would you get to accessorize a Neverfull?

  1. I FINALLY sold a B-bag I'd had up on eBay for months, and with my winnings I am going LV shopping! I've (almost) decided on a Neverfull. I think I'm going to go for the BIG one and use it as a "briefcase" for my work papers. Now, if you were me, what little goodie would you get to accessorize it? Should I get a little cles? A bandana? I don't want to spend $$thousands$$ more, but I can splurge a little.

    Just so you know, for coordination purposes...
    For the summer months, I am carrying a Lichen (mossy green) LV Denim Baggy GM. I have a big Mono ZipAround Wallet, and a black MC Wapity (I use it for cosmetics) and a black MC Pochette (for credit cards, etc.)
  2. How about a Jack & Lucie ?
  3. I would get a Vernis Cles
  4. I would get a cles, maybe a limited edition groom or vernis. They are so useful and add a touch of color. My sister bought the neverfull GM and bought the groom cles to use with it. It looks very good.
  5. What about the thin LOVE scarf ? Its great at $120, you can tie it on and then use it as a scarf at another time!
  6. Maybe a multicolor bandeau or inclusion speedy keychain
  7. a mini trunks and bags mini pochette?
    a set of lv sweet earrings for yourself?
  8. Something in framboise vernis. It'll also match the lichen denim, as well as all your other LV items.
  9. I love the way the trunks and bags mini looks with the Neverfull!
  10. maybe a scarf or bandeau? the t&b mini pochette is cute too.
  11. LVOE keychain or the new MC flowers keychain [can't think of the correct name at the moment]
  12. The little fleurs keychain, as John mentioned. It would be adorable.
  13. A mini trunks and bags mini pochette, I love the way this looks on it!
  14. I say get the trunks mini pochette -VERY CUTE!