what line is the embossed suede tote part of?

  1. I need some help, ladies! I have a suede embossed gallery tote that I was going to post in the reference library but I'm not sure what collection it's part of or if it's a collection of its own and it needs a new thread just for it. I also have a signature beaded gallery tote that I have the same question about. Thanks for your help! :smile: If you need pics, let me know and I'll post them!
  2. Here's a couple of pics:


  3. OK, one last try. Surely there is one knowledgeable gal who can answer this question so that those who want to post pics of their signature beaded totes know where to post them. (like me for example!) Are the beaded totes part of the Gallery tote collection? Does anyone know?? Thank you!
  4. I do know that this bag cam out last fall/winter because I bought one in chocolate for my mom's birthday back in November '06. I'll check my old Coach catalogs and see what I can find.

    If nothing comes up, I will ask my mom what the tag says (she keeps them) so if no one else chimes in, I will be able to find out tomorrow evening.
  5. I've got that bag - chocolate and lilac ones. I usually keep the tags so I'll look.
  6. those gallery totes are in their own collection. the other embossed stuff is in the hampton collection (red embossed, blue suede embossed)
  7. Thank-you, ladies! So perhaps a Gallery tote/beaded tote thread is in order for the reference library? And ksiz, love your avatar!
  8. The tag from mine reads "Suede sig beaded tote". I don't think it's from a particular line per se but in the general tote category.
  9. Maybe "beaded" should be it's own category because they did beaded Skinnys, Wristlets and Pouches.

    They did the beaded in suede, embossed suede, and signature - anything else?

    the Freeport Outlet had some black signature beaded skinnies as of about 2 weeks ago.
  10. I have the catalog with that bag in it, and like graberg said, it isn't part of a particular line. So I guess it should go in the Miscellaneous Items thread. That's where I had to put my Daphne. :smile:
  11. Thanks for your answers, ladies!! Lots of great information!
  12. I would consider it a beaded Gallery tote
  13. ^^ I ended up posting in the misc. Coach thread just in case! I wasn't sure and I honestly figured it could go in either but I went with misc. I love the beaded items!
  14. I wonder if they will do one this year! That new blue would be pretty!