What Limited Edition Coach Clutch is this??

  1. Does anyone here know what Clutch/wristlet this is??

    I can't figure out what the style # is so I can look for others on eBay all I know its really cute and I think it will match the new ergo wallet I have coming..


  2. it's super duper cute is all i know...lol :tender:
  3. love the butterfly charm!
  4. I wish I knew!!! I have never seen it before.. TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!
  5. This is the one I posted on the Authenticate this thread. Is it weird that I'm a little sad/upset that someone else is pawning over it too?? We may have a litte squabble if you win this. It's soo cute.
  6. lol thats funny... you have good taste!!:tup::tup:

    and I didnt even know u were posting about this clutch
  7. Super cute!
  8. I have seen it before, but I have NO idea.
  9. They're very cute.. the clutch and the butterfly !!
  10. very cute i have no idea