what Ligne is this from?

  1. Hello,

    Just wondering what ligne this wallet is from and if its part of the permanent collection?

    thanks guys!
    a24216-rd-0.jpg a24213-lbl-0.jpg a33899-bz-0.jpg
  2. Precious Symbols, I believe.
  3. is it part of the permanent disorder?
  4. These are from the Precious Symbols ligne that's no longer being made. You'd have to really luck in to finding one at this point.
  5. oh really. I have the wallet - but the edges have a black stain on them and dont know where to clean them. so i thought of buying a new one.. ohh well
  6. The Chanel boutique at 59th St in NYC had a black wallet when I was there two weeks ago. Give them a call.