What light weight bags are your favorite?

  1. Whats your favorite light weight bag and why? Right now I use mostly Lv bags because they are so light weight but I'm thinking of branching out a little, but I need some suggestions. Thanks:idea:
  2. balenciaga bags are so light! i just got a twiggy in the mail today and none of my other leather bags could compare to this bag's softness and lightness!
  3. Bottega Veneta -- classic, elegant and light weight!
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    Balenciaga! They weigh nothing but are extremely durable and have a rocker/motorcycle chic edge that can be dressed up or down....plus the styles and colors are endless. I have three Twiggy's so far. :heart::heart::heart:
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  6. bottega veneta....
  7. I agree, Balenciaga definitely has some of the lightest bags around, but are still very durable.
  8. Gerard Darel bags are really light and have supple leather - a lower price alternative to beloved Balenciaga.
  9. My favourite lightweight bag is my Longchamp Le Pliage tote. But I'm really wanting a Balenciaga bag - especially after hearing how lightweight they are!
  10. I tried Niemans website,but nothing came up for Balenciaga. Where can I see them in person. Gerard Darel sounds nice too. please keep the suggestions coming and any particular style you find works for you better than an other
  11. Fendi Spy are pretty light too plus the leather is really soft. I agree to those who said Balenciagas are very light...its the best I must add. Gucci canvas bags are also light weight so are Goyard bags.

  12. I would definitely recommend Balenciaga, they are beautiful and lightweight.
  13. Balenciaga bags are lightweight, and I thought they were the lightest (in connection w/its size) until I got a Gustto Setela which is a large bag that is extremely lightweight. The leather is soft and thin and just molds into my body. Even with the bag pretty loaded with "stuff", it's still the lightest bag I've ever carried (including my Balenciaga City).

    Gustto's Baca bag is also lightweight and can hold a lot for a "small" bag.