What lg. MP color did I buy?

  1. That is the older version of the color "Tapioca". I absolutely love that! Great buy!
  2. Thanks, Tin! I'm not familiar with the older version of Tapioca. I hope I like it as my heart was set on "butter."
  3. It kind of looks like lemon flavored yogurt in real life. That may be a weird description, but it is the only thing I could think of! Very pretty and spring-ish!
  4. Yep, the old Tapioca is a pale warm yellow - lemon flavored yogurt is a really good description. It's a very, very nice color!
  5. Awesome bag. Love the interior color.
  6. I think it's a lovely color! Congrats!
  7. Ohh..Lovely!!!!
  8. Yay! Looks like you got the answer to your question. Tapioca is really a wonderful color!
  9. Thanks everyone! I really can't wait to get the bag now. I pounced on it, suffered a bit of the buyer's remorse one usually gets from going through eBay, but now feel much better/confident.

    The seller e-mailed me that she used the bag 3 or 4 times, and that the only wear is found on the piping at the bottom of one corner, which you can only see due to the light coloring of the leather.

    $350 for a barely used large MP....I had to pounce on it!
  10. She's a beauty. I was watching that auction too :yes: