What length should straight jeans be?

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  1. I have never had any problem figuring out the right length to hem my jeans in the past, but I am kind of new to "straight" jeans and I can't figure out how they should look!

    I plan to wear them with moccasins and flats. Right now they seem too long, they bunch up, but when I pin them shorter, they still bunch up and my legs look stumpy. Should I not be wearing straight jeans with these kinds of shoes? Should I be wearing skinnies instead? I have tried the moccasins with skinnies and boot cut and they look great, but I can't make them work with the straight. The jeans in question are Citizens of Humanity Ava, if that makes any difference.

    Thanks for any tips or pictures of how they should look!!
  2. This is how I wear my straight jeans. They do kind of bunch at the bottom, but I think it looks ok.

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  3. Both of my straight jeans seem a little wider leg than that. The essential apparel photo is how mine will look if I hem them, but I am really tall and I think it might make it look like my pants are too short? It would make them about an inch of the ground in the back.
  4. Wash them first so they shrink and then hem them. An inch of the ground sounds about right, but really depends on how you feel comfortable.
  5. I did wash them. Normally for my other pants if they are bootcut or flare I have them just about a cm above the ground and for straight I leave them to the ground because I mostly wear them with boots so it doesn't matter.
  6. Do you have a tailor you trust? I always just take mine to the tailor, he has me try them on, and then he decides where to hem them. I've always been happy.. but then again my tailor seems to have a pretty good fashion sense.
  7. I wish I did. Last time I went to the tailor theyw anted to hem them like 2 inches above the ground. I always have to keep saying "longer" a million times, haha.