What Leave In Product do u use on Hair?

  1. hi i've been using kerastase oleo relax leave in serum/ elixir for my hair after shampoo and conditioner. i like it that even after i blow dry my hair my hair doesn't entangle. i'm now trying loreal professional lumi oil #1 but my hair seems to tangle a bit .. or i wonder maybe is it time for me to cut my hair lol. just wondering what other products do u use? fyi i've long asian hair. thanks!
  2. I have long thick hair, my faves are Phytologie Defrisant, Sebastian Potion #9 and the Kerastase red tube - no idea it's name! LOL!
  3. LOL, I'm so cheap. I use Aussie's Leave-In Conditioner. Works like a charm!
  4. Tigi's Bed Head Manipulator! The heaviness of this fabulous goo really keeps my wavy hair in line. this might change when I start using my GHD flat iron which is on its way next week...
  5. ooo i think red is the Soleil (Solaire) series :smile:
  6. Infusium works really well for tangles, and it's so cheap. I bought a HUGE bottle of it that I use to refill a smaller spray bottle. It's lasted me for like 2 years and it was <$10!

  7. Same here! I have been using the same product for the past few months and am loving it. I am also Asian, with long, thick, black hair. My hair is naturally a bit wavy, but I got it straightened by smoothing. The oleo relax, though a bit pricey imo, keeps the hair soft and smooth. I finish it with Kerastase Nutri vernis sculpt spray to give the hair a glossy look w/o being oily.

    I was using a leave on product by Bedhead-Tigi (can't remember the name), but i like Kerastase better. The tigi one is not so long lasting imo, although pricey too.
  8. i use some biolage spray in stuff-it seems to do the job, plus my friend works for l'oreal so it's free so i can't really complain :p
  9. Redken Allsoft split ends. :flowers:
  10. Kiehls Creme with Silk Groom, for 20 years! I have heavily highlighted, fine, wavy hair-it makes it shiny and straight! Matrix Glowtrix is good too.
  11. I find this product to be drying on my hair.
  12. I use Fekkai's Glossing Cream :smile: I love it. You only need a very small amount and it gets rid of the frizz on my waves, and it also acts as a leave-in conditioner.
  13. I have terrible, coarse hair LOL it's not straight and it's not curly but it has this terrible kinky wave in it that just won't behave!

    I use terax creme - it's not a leave in, but I apply and leave in for about 15 mins (while I wash the rest of me). Even after it's rinsed out, it makes my hair kind of "heavy" and together and silky - i love it!
  14. after washing my hair last night I realized it's called Soft Ends, not split ends. lol :p
  15. My favourite product too!:tup: Makes hair very easy to comb and the tube lasts forever as you really need such a tiny amount even with long hair!