What leathers are available for anthracite and graphite?

  1. Apparently certain colors are not made in certain leathers. So, do you knowlegeable ladies know what leathers these 2 colors come in? What is the difference between anthracite and graphite? Thanks in advance!!
  2. hmmm, porosus crocodile, boxcalf, swift...

    anthracite has slight 'brownish' undertones, graphite is a true dark grey.
  3. Do either come in togo?
  4. hmmm, good question J....I'm not sure?
  5. I think I've seen clemence for graphite but not sure about Togo :shrugs:
  6. ^^ I think Hermes calls it gray for clemence. Graphite is reserved for croc only.
  7. I've seen a small leather goods in graphite. I'm not sure what leather but it was'nt croc.
  8. ^^ oh really? How strange. I was told the name "graphite" is for croc only. Hmm .... I need to go see the leather swatch again .....:s
  9. I've only seen these colors in the croc only, not sure I would go for either too sorry.
  10. I recently tried on an Evelyn in Graphite clemence so it does come in clemence.
  11. I recently saw anthracite in lizard and graphite in epsom.
  12. I think I saw anthracite/graphite (I forgot which one exactly) in togo or clemence ... one of those.
  13. I've seen epsom/graphite recently, too. They're moving on into the autumn colours, now........
  14. Yes, I raised this thread from the dead........there seems to be no clear answer......so DOES Graphite come in Togo??? Now that it has been awhile, maybe some of you can shed some light :confused1:

  15. Graphite does come in clemence. I have a 35cm.