What leather would you choose?

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i got offered today the new 38cm Trim(with extra pouch at the backside???)
    In Barenia Ebene
    or in Evergrain Havana....
    both coming with palladium hardware
    What do you think which would be more useful as an everyday bag???
  2. I saw the trim in evergrain a few weeks ago in BH, it was nice! My evergrain Birkin has worn very well so far!
  3. I think Evergrain is really pretty and I :heart: Havane!
  4. As much as I love Barenia, I don't recommend it to most people unless they really can appreciate the scratches and don't mind the "ugly duckling" phase it goes through before it gets the patina. So, I vote for evergrain, too. Below, though, is Barenia once it's developed its patina.
  5. I don't have anything in evergrain but I do have an ebene Barenia bag that I love, and yes, it is a funny leather with the "fat" quality (mine hasn't been used in a while and has a whitish powdery look on the surface that will get rubbed away) and the scratches...but it is so alive...Barenia is my favorite Hermes leather. Since it's ebene, it's already dark so I don't worry about it darkening on the handles or whatnot.
  6. Yep, Pepper, that's why I love it, too. It's so dynamic.
  7. I love barenia too, even though it's such a high maintenance leather. I like the fact that I can just rub away any superficial scratches.
  8. I'll vote Evergrain as well just for all the reasons HG states. Gorgeous bag, Missmarbella. When will she be coming home????
  9. thanks Ladies,
    she should arrive on the 1st week of November!!!!
    i am so excited about the new model of Trim!!!!!!
  10. Ohh, I'm late, but I would snap up the Barenia!
  11. Barenia, baby!
  12. Barenia is TDF!
  13. Yah, I'd take the Barenia also :yes:
  14. Help,i am confused:nuts:
    I want both for different reasons!!!!!!!
  15. what are the reasons? Perhaps we can help you decide?