What leather should I go for?

  1. I was talking about the Kelly with my sa the other day, I told her that I wanted the fabled black box 32cm kelly with GH. She made a face when she heard box, and said that they are getting rarer nowadays... So sad for me... She also said that GH is getting less popular.

    She then proceeded to recommend me other leathers. (I got to sit down and drink tea with her in the store! Woah!)

    From the murky reccess of my memory I asked for vache liegee - it being the recommended one for klutzy people like me; she didn't know what it was and brought a sample of evergrain in a wallet to let me see. It could be I didn't pronounce it right.

    I also got to see a sample of epsom and chevre, which I told her I'll settle for any of these 2. Both have a kind of shiny coated finish.

    So my question is : Shall I just wait for box as I want the smooth look? Is it really hard to maintain? Are there any other alternatives?

    Will epsom and chevre sag in a Kelly? I do want a structured bag that will hold its shape no matter what. Are these 2 leathers a good choice? Anyway, upon further readup of the leather thread, (thank you hermesgroupie!) I realised that there are 2 types of chevre. Should I specify one?
  2. If you want a structured bag, box, chevre, epsom and vache liegee are perfect choices. I must warn you, VL is not as photogenic as the other leathers, but I have seen black in VL and it is out of this world gorgeous! But if I had a choice, I would always choose box because it is the best for refurbishing and lasts a lifetime!
  3. There are actually 3 types of chevres, I just don't have a swatch of Jhansi.

    The decision is ultimately yours to make. I wonder if I've caused the shortage of box.:confused1: I've been hogging it up and SOing everything in box.:p As you can see, my preference is box. You can still find good ones on eBay and resellers, but if you prefer going through the store be prepared to choose an alternate leather if you're not prepared to wait. Another alternative is SOing your dream Kelly. It may get through faster than you realize. I received confirmation a few months ago on a SO that was put through late last year. Yes, a special order and not a podium order. I was discussing leather choices with someone recently whose choice of leathers and colors is very similar to mine. She commented that her first purchases were in togo and while she was thrilled to receive the call from Hermes, she is just not as "in love" with these bags as she hoped to be. Turns out she loves box as well. I have had a similar experience. My first Birkin was togo. I listened to everybody's advice that is was scratch resistant, etc. I ended up hating it and now it's my sister's. My experience with Hermes has taught me to wait for the right combo, otherwise I will never be happy with a bag. However, if you are all for instant gratification, choose some back up leathers. Choose 2 or 3 alternates because you will never know when there will be a shortage.
  4. jag, hermesgroupie,

    Thank you for your advice!

    So you're the bad lady taking up all the box, hermesgroupie! :boxing: What does a girl have to do now, raise a cow myself? :lol:

    What is the difference between a SO and a podium order? I've seen these 2 terms mentioned and I've been meaning to ask.

    Honestly, I always go for the leathers without grains even when buying other stuff when I was a kid. Those smooth kind with a sheen to it.

    I don't mind waiting for a good bag, time is not a factor for me at all. I also don't mind paying in full first and waiting for a few years! In fact, if it can be done I'll prefer it, could possibly save some cash due to price increase and tax increase.
  5. If you were set on box leather, go for it. I don't think you should settle! Get what you really want. Your SA can recommend a leather or a hardware but ultimately you are the one who will be wearing and caring for the purse. I don't agree that one hardware can be more in style than another, i believe its a personal preference. There are Kelly's popping up here and there in Box leather, so perhaps you can go through a reseller. Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.
  6. Lyanna Stark, I strongly recommend box calf too. I think you will have a very good chance of getting a box calf Kelly in AW2007, because of the new colours, Adroise and Toundra. Both colours will be launched in Box Calf.

    I love Vache Liegee but it's even more difficult getting it than Box Calf.

    Which store did you go to? You might want to PM me the information, if you do not feel comfortable mentioning it on the forum.
  7. If you want black box - go for it. It's a classic Kelly bag and as a box owner, I can't recommend it enough. Especially after re-furbishment, you will fall in love with box again. :love:
    Rain and box don't do as well, other than that, all is good.
    Next I like Black Cherve and after seeing Mrs Beckham's cherve kelly sellier it is lust at first sight.
    Decide on which one you really want and which fits your lifestyle, go after the one you really want. Hermes fans don't often settle for something else. ;)
  8. Podium orders occur twice a year. Basically, you are offered one by your SA. The manager then takes your order to Paris during podium and presents your request to the atelier. They will deny or approve your order based on whether or not the leather/color combo you want is available at that very moment. If it is not available, it may go special order. Special orders are not declined, except when the leather/color combo you want is discontinued. Eg, if you request ivory box, it will be declined. That leather/color combo hasn't been available since around the 70's. The catch with special orders is that they can take years to fill.
  9. Oh...I hope so!!:yes:
  10. I agree, you should settle with what you really like in the first place. Box is supposedly the perfect leather, and it has this beautiful sheen that is just so elegant! I love seeing both kellys and birkins in box, always admired it when I see others carry it.
    For myself however, is a different thing. I used to have a Kelly 32 in Box Thalassa Blue with white stitching. But I ended up selling it to my friend because I got so paranoid about scratching while wearing it! I know that's part of the beauty, but once you've seen what a beautiful smooth finish it has in the beginning, it's almost heardbreaking to put a scratch on it :cry: After that I never quite bring myself to buy another box... My second kelly is 35 Fuschia in Chevre Coromandel. I love it because it has the beautiful sheen and glow, but unlike box, it's more scratch resistant. It's also more flexible so it's easier to open/close the flap while you're in a hurry :tup:
  11. Perhaps you would consider also Chamonix? I think it's an alternative to box, although it won't develop the same kind of patina long-term.
  12. I think you should get the Box. It is your first choice. If you can't get it from Hermes get it from a trustable reseller. You should not settle for anything less than what you want. I have learned this the hard way. I too settled for instant gratification and ended up unhappy with the bags and sold them.
  13. Agree! My first black kelly was a togo with GH. But I decided to let that go and went for the classic box instead. I've had my box for about 5 years now and still loving it!:heart: Wouldn't trade it for anything. Wouldn't mind addition a rouge H in box though....
  14. Thank you ladies for convicing me. I think I'll just ask my sa to get a box for me. It could be everyone is requesting for this so she made the face? :p I don't think I'm in the position to get first dibs on anything. :sleepy: It's alright, I can wait.
  15. :yahoo: Good for you! It's an essential, BBox Kelly ! :tup: Orange vibes to you :flowers: