What leather is this?

  1. Any help appreciated...
    leatherquestion.jpg leatherquestion2.jpg
  2. Looks like Clemence...but I'm not an expert...
  3. Thanks.
    I thought that as well, but wasn't sure. I have checked HermesGroupie leather reference but I can't really tell.
  4. Is it squishy and slouchy ?
  5. only seen photos unfortunately!
    Here's another one. I'm 99% it's clemence but can't be sure
  6. Maybe too rigide/stiff for clemence ???
  7. I've just bought it, which might have been a little bit quick - but I think it's gorgeous. I posted it in the authenticate thread because my friend got me a little worried! Still, I've got it and paid for it now and hopefully one of the experts there will put my mind at rest, they are amazing.
    Anyway, I do agree it seems rigide whether that's something that should have the antennae up or not! The leather up close really looks like clemence.
  8. togo ?
  9. the listing says VACHE GRAIN...??
  10. Looks like Ardennes to me.
  11. :smile:
    I'm looking up Ardennes right now....!
    Ta Golconda
  12. . . . too rigid for clemence.
  13. Ardennes or Courchevel. The flattening of the grain where the leather gets stretched(beginning of handle where it's stitched to the bag) is the same with my older Courchevel Birkin.
  14. I think Ardennes. I don't think it is Courchevel, which is an embossed leather. It is too rigid to be clemence.
  15. I would have said Taurillon clémence at first, but when you mentioned that it's stiff, well that just can't be clemence, so I'm positive that it's Vachette Ardennes (I own one). I am saying this because of the grain, because of the shape of the grain, because it's a flat grain, and because of the way he grain reacts on the handles(goes flat)