What leather goods do you have in your Herlm

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  1. Do you only have Hermes Leather Goods in you Hermes Bags ? Show what's inside please :yes:
  2. I have both H and non H items....

    H Ulysse noteboook
    H Clarisse GM
    H Agenda GM
    H Bearn Keyholder
    H Karo clutch PM
    Chanel long lambskin Wallet
    Ipod Nano
    Bang&Olufsen earphones
    Next compact umbrella

    Here is a pic of my H items only....

  3. Rose,
    that is a beautiful sight!
  4. Rose, that picture is too beautiful for words! Such a great pick me up!! Just looking at those bright H colors acts almost like two cups of coffee - without the jitters!
  5. The colors are beautiful !
  6. Rose: amazing colors!!!
  7. H should use that picture as an ad in a magazine... Totally yummy!!!
  8. Thank you ladies, I appreciate your lovely comments. I am sure you all are totally sick of seeing that pic by now lol. I am hoping that more of you will reveal what you have in your bags like the op requested......