What leather for Grand Shopper

  1. I know that the Grand Shopper tote comes in Caviar leather, and that it's very durable, but what other leathers are available, and how durable are they?
  2. All are in caviar as far as I know EXCEPT the new antique brown which is distressed. . . I'm guessing calfskin{?}
  3. I saw the distressed red the other day.. so I know it comes in other leathers than caviar... I have the distressed brown.. I'm sending it back though... it just wasn't right for me
  4. Yes, I called Chanel on my new brown tote...it is calfskin. :yes:
  5. Japskivt, Are you returning the brown Grande Shopper or Diamond Stitch tote?
  6. I'm returning the Grande Shopper.
  7. ^ Did you purchase it in caviar or the new calfskin?
  8. Did you not like the leather or the bag itself? I'm thinking of a Grand Shopper myself, so I'm just curious if you found the style to be functional or not.
  9. The style is TOTALLY fuctional, maybe one of their most practical bags.
    But the caviar is going to be considerable more durable IMO.
    The new calfskin ones are SO gorgeous, but tend to scratch easily. . . which is actually the neature of that leather, it's should look distrssed or antiqued on this particular fininsh. But that isn't the best choice for everyone.
  10. ^ Yes, the calfskin one does take on slight scratches easily contributing to a more vintage look...

    I decided to list my shopper after using because the MM and large Diamond Stitch totes work better for me... The MM is larger than the Grand Shopper and the Diamond Stitch has a softer bottom with a larger center compartment...
  11. Do you have pictures of these other two totes? I saw the smaller Diamond Stitch in another thread.
  12. The Grand Shopper is listed in the Marketplaza.
  13. I'd definitely go with the caviar..the others will probably require more care. You really can never go wrong with the caviar, even though the distressed look is nice.
  14. I saw that listing. I was wondering what the MM that you mentioned looked like. Also, I saw the small Diamond Stitch tote in someone else's thread, but I was wondering about the size of the large.
  15. 1. Grande Shopper
    2. MM tote
    3. Large Diamond Stitch

    Red Diamond Stitch...Tomorrow???
    Chanel Bags 002.jpg Chanel Bags 001.jpg Black Chanel Diamond Stitch.jpg