What leather for a Black 35cm Birkin ???

  1. Hi Ladies:love: ,

    It took almost 3 months to decide what I want :shame: ...
    but now I know :
    Black Birkin with GH in 35cm :yahoo: !!!

    Before going to Faubourg St Honoré to make my SO, I need your help to decide on the leather:confused1: ...
    Among non exotic,if it was yours,
    what leather would you choose for this bag ?
    And why ???

    Thanks for your help :love: !!!
  2. Box calf!
  3. I saw a 35cm togo with GH IRL and it was TDF!! The aroma of the leather was addictive.
  4. Box. Definitely. The combination of black box with gold hardware is unbeatable. Sheer class.
    Plus: Box calf will acquire a beautiful patina and it is the leather that can be restored by Hermes to almost new. If you take good care of it, it will last forever.
  5. box x100!:wlae::wlae:
  6. Thanks for your answers !!!
    Well if I had to choose considering only the look : I think I also go for Box since it's a little shinny:love: ...
    But I'm very afraid of scratches:s ...

    So should I go for Togo????

    Unless there is a magical leather scratchproof and a little shinny :confused1: ??
  7. At the end of the day it's the scratches that will give the bag its' patina over time....
    Togo is good too... but not shiny.
  8. ^^^
    Now you know my dilemna : to choose between "shiny" and "no scratches"
    But I really love shiny black leather...
  9. Veau Evergrain or Box Calf!
  10. ^^^^Dahling............don't worry! You'll learn to live with the scratches, they really do blend in with time. Box is so beautiful!!!!! Besides, it's harder to find here in the states. Togo and clemence I see all the time here.
  11. There's a leather called 'Vachette Ardenne(s)' that is both shiny and pretty scratchproof. But I don't know if they still make it. Somebody here will know.
  12. ^ Ardennes has been discontinued.

    I love box, Swift and Chevre on black Birkins! Swift will be slightly more scratch resistant than box and has some shine.
  13. ^^^
    Thanks Greentea : Swift could be a good alternative to Box ...

    But I remember a great thread from Gina when she was here in Paris...
    She had a wonderful Black Birkin...Was it in Box leather ???
  14. ^ Gina has one in Box leather and the other in Evergrain, I think
  15. ^^^
    I've just checked it was Box:wtf: :drool: :love: !!!
    Now I have to find what Swift looks in Black :idea: ...