What leather for a 45 cm Birkin.

  1. Dear Girls(and guys),

    I am going to my local Hermes in a couple of weeks and the powers-that-be have allowed me to order a 45 cm Birkin. I have a 40cm Birkin and feel that it's a bit small. It looks BIG on a table or a chair but I'm 5'10'' and when I use the bag, it looks a bit too teeny.

    My usual SA recommended 'Buffalo' leather. Is this the same leather that is used to make the straps of a Garden Party?

    Please, please help recommend a leather for me. I currently have two bags in Courchevel and Chevre de Coromandel as I prefer the stiff and stand-upright shape. I am not a slouchy-bag person. And at the same time, though I love chevre for its durability and featherweight features, I feel that I should not confine myself to just this leather. Is Mysore a good, hard leather? Someone else mentioned a 42 cm HAC....oh!!:push: :confused1:

    Any opinions you may have are more gratefully awaited.

  2. Of course I'm going to say Box calf but how about Vache Ligee or Epsom for their durability and lightness?
  3. Box, Swift, or Chevre. I will say that I once had a vintage 50cm black boxcalf Birkin - it was a show stopper ! (and airport)
  4. I'd say box, vl or epsom for something different!
  5. Dear SM,

    I knew you'd say boxcalf....Oi! I'm much too shallow for boxcalf. You're talking to someone who goes home each night and inspects every inch of his bag, wipes it down with a dry cloth(damp if there are stains of any sort) and gives it a rub with the Hermes renovating balm every month. And all this madness is with chevre and courchevel leathers. No no no....I am anal and totally neurotic. Too much so, to enjoy the qualities of boxcalf or even Togo. I have a bracelet in box and I freaked out when under my magnifying glass, I saw the emergence of the minutest wrinkles.

    I seriously take my hat off to people who use box and barenia. I even had to oil a Barenia watch strap down - just to ensure even darkening and patination.

    I looked up the bible(HG's leather book) and I think it's going to be Buffalo leather in Indigo with Palladium Guilloche hardware and chevre lining in Havane. Will call the store tomorrow and place my order. Wish me luck, shopmom. Thanks so much for the info. and opinion.
  6. OMG, Eric!!!! That would be a fantastic combination! Buffalo is very durable and a lovely leather.....Indigo and Havanne......STUNNING!!!!!
  7. Eric, I've not seen buffalo in person, but, only in close up pics. But, from it's appearance, I feel it would be fabulous for what you're wanting to do.
  8. Hi Eric, Wow congratulations on having made your choice for your new bag. I personally would choose Vache Liegee over Buffalo as buffalo seems like it's going to be heavy & in 45 too but hey you look strong! You are so lucky to be able to place an order, did they tell you how long the wait will be? It's so funny how you look after your H products, did you get the leather conditioner from your local store?
  9. Oh Eric, in that size go for something lightweight!!
  10. Eric, I think Buffalo is a great idea--you need durability for a bag that size and the choices you've made sound great. And yes, buffalo is used for the trim of my Amazonia GPT.
  11. Eric, I would suggest Buffalo if Box is totally out of the question.

    Sounds great- can't wait to see pics!
  12. :graucho:
    Perfect Eric!! I think the larger bag will be perfect for you and the color choice is stunning.

    Please let us know how long we will have to wait for this beauty to arrive in your hot little hands!!!!
  13. Hi Eric,
    I have a Buffalo Birkin 40 cm that is 15 years old. It is totally collapsed, so I do not think you would like Buffalo, since you like a stiff leather.
    What about Barenia?
  14. If you want light and durable, what about epsom? It's supposed to be least slouchy, if I recall. Hey, what about ostrich or croc? Sorry, I couldn't resist. I drool over those pics of croc luggage in Hermes windows!:drool:
  15. Buffalo is very heavy though...keep that in mind.