What leather does Kelly come in nowadays ?

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  1. I know Togo, clemence and epsom. Anything else ? Box, chamonix, swift ? TIA
  2. The Ghillies version comes in Tadelakt and swift i believe. And recently our lovely TPFer ceci got a box kelly sellier from the mothership early this year with O stamp (2011). So box is scarce.. But its still out there.. ;)
  3. Thank you, Keekeee. I am not into Ghillies and not a big fun of epsom. Box kelly sellier fits the bill. oh well, maybe have to go for a reseller or vintage...
  4. +Croc, aligator, lizard
  5. Yeah, my wallet may complain. I hope I do not need to go to that path, at least not in the near future :cool:
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    Yes, I got a Kelly Retourne in Box earlier this year with an O stamp as well, SM said it was very special (I am not one to argue); my other SAs were astounded, they hadn't even seen it out the back which they told me on my subsequent visits when I had it with me (they thought I bought from OS)... Apparently production is not as it was (has been discussed on other threads, can't remember which sorry!) hence rarity. Would love for them to sort out the issues; I don't think there is anything truly like it...

    Edit: + Fjord, Chèvre (:drool:)... Are these current? I hope so in the latter case...
  7. hmm almost al classics but box and swift are becoming scarce and chevre i belive only by special order and i have not seen kellys in lizard in a loooong time ostrich is available and aparently prefered by H for the kelly since the size is so much more manageable. hope it helps darling. birkel.
  8. Wow.. Kelly retourne box brand new from boutique..! Major WOW!
    I've been looking for a box retourne kelly myself and even at the reseller they have nada.. They have vintage but not brand new.. The only brand new box kelly i found from reseller was a BBK 35 sellier with PHW..
    Alas.. My search continues for a retourne box kelly...
    Major congrats my dear..

    P.S: i know chevre kelly is current, but as far as i know its only abailable through SO.. Not likely to happen to me.. A mere mortal ;)
  9. Thank you dear! I've seen a couple of NIB Kelly Retourne Box on a few good websites (can't authenticate but I have seen some out there); wishing you all the luck in your quest!

    I think you and birkel are both right about the chevre being SO. That said, its never going to happen if you don't ask right? Us mere mortals have to go for it once in a while :graucho:
  10. On the Moda Operandi website, they have a sale going on right now for heritage Hermes.

    There is a 32 box sellier Kelly in Blue Jeans with an F stamp.

    You can check it out. I've been eyeing it over the last few days, but I just got a 32 Epsom sellier Kelly 2 weeks ago from the Mother ship :smile:

    Good luck!
  11. You know it's funny I was offered a brown box Kelly retourne ghw 25cm in Paris last year the SA called it grace kellys Kelly since it was a 2012 exact bag. It was not for me since I have major issues with patina etc etc....... But I have to say it was stunning !!!! And I really kick myself for not taking it !!!
  12. Yes. Kelly in box is still out there & that's my first question for the SA when I was in FSH actually. It's classic, thus they will still make it. At least that's what SA told me :smile:
  13. Congrats! Did you get it from FSH too? I got it end of March 2012 as walk-in (oh well, return to FSH on the second day) & mine is Toundra box sellier GHW with O stamp. I'm not sure if it took time to QC & package & transport from atelier to store-front or if the K28 has been at the back of the store or not. I do think SA won't show client the box Kelly until the buyer made a specific request. I would guess they will show the Togo/Clemence before if there are stock available.