What leather/color combination for your workhorse?

  1. I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I am inspired by Shopmom's thread about getting a workhorse Kelly.
    Do you have a workhorse Hermes bag? Whether it's a Kelly or Birkin or something else, what do you find to be the leather and color combination that works best for you and why? Do you switch bags a lot, or tend to have one that goes with most things on most days?
    I'll start:
    In fall/winter, I find chocolate Togo easiest to use. I don't have to switch bags often. Raisin is nice too. Black Box is great until it rains or snows.
    For spring/summer, I think it will be orange Togo. Perhaps gold, but not sure about the white stitching thing.
  2. Tamarind, for some reason I find that I think of black when I think "workhorse" My Black clemence mou Bolide, for example:yes: .
  3. My workhorses are my Black Togo 35cm, Buffalo Skipper Dalmation Kelly, GPT--these 3 are the bags I am completely unafraid of throwing around or carrying in light rain. I'd say Fjord as well, but b/c that one is in my beloved grail Bleu Saphir I'm a bit more careful with it.
  4. Black clemence 35 Birkin. For all seasons...
  5. Chocolate clemence 31 bolide! It's amazing.
  6. it will have to be my 35 chevre birkin or my 30 togo birkins.....they handle tough situations/weather well.
  7. Gold Togo Birkin.......now need a little something as a Kelly workhorse.....
  8. Buffalo or togo, in black of course. No way am I throwing black box in the overhead compartment.
  9. I agree...workhorse must travel... Lately...black togo kelly and black clemence massai... Former...black evergrain birkin...but...noticed she "wears" a bit more than togo/clemence...but...oh well, she is going to travel anyway...might need another black birkin for home...
  10. Black togo 35 birkin.
  11. I love to hear what you all say...I don't travel at all! I am listening on the workhorse part!!!
  12. Thank you everyone. Sounds like black Togo/clemence is the winner...
  13. sorry, failed to mention what colors - 35 black chevre birkin and gold birkin togo 30!
  14. Patz, I am glad to hear both you and Shopmom found gold Togo to be a workhorse. I think someone else on tpf called her gold Togo Kelly a workhorse too.
    Is it because gold in Togo is pretty dark? I worry about a bag being too light in color. If gold works, that is great news. I love black but I don't always want to wear a black bag.
  15. Tamarind For me the Gold Togo is the only bag I have right now that can withstand just about anything. That said, it's a great color in Togo....not too light at all. Just right for use with just about anything you can think of to wear except some dresses and fancy affairs, KWIM? I wear lot's of black and jeans and this bag just fits right in. I don't think you can go wrong with a Gold Togo Bag.....it's a staple in my wardrobe!