What leather, color, and HW would you pick???

  1. Lets just say your going to place an SO, what leather (no exotics), color, and hardware would you pick. Why? Would you go all out and design the most unique design? Woud you pick a color and leather that is harder to get? Would it be a tri-color? Bi-color? Single color? Different color interior? Different stitching?

    Please tell!
  2. I'm hoping a 32cm bi-color Kelly is coming my way. Cyclomen and Violet with brushed palladium hardware. I didn't choose the leather because I wanted to increase my odds of getting it. I fretted over this decision for weeks! Now I'm thinking I should have added in Raisin, but that's OK. I think it's hard to be adventurous the first time out with an SO, and not having seen much in person.
  3. Mine would be a 30 raisin box calf birkin with gold hw. I have not yet seen such a bag irl, only 35s.


    30 raisin chevre birkin with pall hw.

    For some reason, I prefer raisin box calf with gold hw, and raisin chevre with pall hw. Dunno why..
  4. I would pick 30 cm Rouge Vif chevre birkin with palladium hw.
  5. ^^ditto!
  6. Black Box 35 P/H...or Black Chevre 35..
    Classic, structured Birkins really appeal to me. I like the sheen on box and chevre... gives it a polished look. And I wear all white metals, thus the Palladium.
    I also like white top stitch on black box.... but I would still stick to black on black... I think....:yes:
  7. 32 HAC in black evercalf with palladium hw.
  8. I'd like tricolor kelly 25 and bicolor birkin 25. I still haven't seen it yet in small size only bicolor with piping. I like for my SO to have contrast stitching and not such a loud combination. I still can't decide the colors and Hardware. But it would be nice to have Chevre mysore as it stay in shape for smaller bag. :smile:
  9. To better answer your question, why don't you tell us what you are leaning towards? I'm sure you have something in mind already, or at least a couple of choices that you are tossing around.

    Would also be nice to know what you currently have because that really changes the dynamics of SOs.
  10. Dear Ms. SP:

    Whatever happend to all the bags that your SA found for you?! NOTHING GOOD?!

    I haven't seen any 25 in your collection, would you consider it and for more formal/night out usage?!
  11. Well, if I had a bathtub full of bags, i would probably go for a crazy wild combination. ;)
    Otherwise, though, I would probably do something subtle, like a grey on black, a combo of gris pale and graphite, or even a tricolor in shades of browns.
  12. Well, I'm awaiting my SO's arrival, so I'll post that when she gets here, but for my NEXT one...either a thalassa box Kelly (unlikely - they don't have the leather) OR.....a direct copy of AllAbout Bags' Vert Anis and Toile Birkin 30, except with chartreuse (I can't have her EXACT BAG!) or the "new" green, which I'm yey to see in a size larger than a wee swatch - I didn't like the swatch colour, though.

    I LOVE green!
  13. Lisa-your color combo is lovely! :love:
  14. Sarah-I agree, I asked for a raisin in boxcalf, but they only had Swift w/PH. It wa a 30cm thou:p
  15. Coco, Kim- I love Rouge VIF! I wouldnt mind that color in a KP with GH!