What Laundry Detergent Do You Use?

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  1. I have been using Tide Total Care to wash my clothes, as it is suppose to help prevent fading. I have not noticed much difference and find that the suds and strong scent seem to linger in the clothes.
    I use Woolite for my hand washables and was wondering what you use to launder your clothes?
    Has anyone tried Method detergent? I want a good detergent that will not fade clothes and does not have a strong odor.
  2. i've tried Method in the past and had no problems with it. now i drop my clothes off to be done at the laundromat, and i honestly don't notice any difference- so i guess the Method wasn't anything fantastic. i think the laundromat uses a different kind of soap all the time.
  3. Tide HE
  4. I used to use tide and nothing but tide. The first time I did my laundry on my own many years ago I bought a cheap bottle of something and learned my lesson then and there! after that, money was no object, it was going to be tide always. Then about two years ago I was sent a certificate for a free bottle of the new sunlight. This was about four years ago. Now I use those small bottles of sunlight and nothing else. I thnk they are about a Litre in size but they do the same amount of loads as the big bottles of tide or cheer.

    They work better than tide, and instead of buying shout or other stain removers, if i need to, i just use a little of the detergent as a spot remover before i wash it. works great, and found no difference in fading or anything else.
  5. I use Ecos. It's the best reasonably priced, environmentally friendly detergent I've found. Costco and health food stores carry it.
  6. ^^Ecos is the best soap and it is gentle enough on my children's clothes too...
  7. I use Ecos as well. Very affordable and gentle.

    I use to use Tide but always got a rash in the summer because it left a residue in my clothing and when I would sweat it caused me to break out.

    I have no problems whatsoever with Ecos. I love it.
  8. I use ecover.
  9. Tide Total care becuase of marketing. Don't know if its truly anything special though.
  10. Tide with Febreze because it smells wonderful! I use Woolite for my darks and blacks.
  11. i just bought a bottle of woolite...
  12. I use a detergent called 'Softly' on gentle cold cycle. I wash most things in washbags as well. I also do handwashing for really delicate.
  13. Method Laundry
  14. tide HE
  15. our household has used tide for as long as i can remember. nowadays we also use woolite dark laundry.