What laptop do you own?

  1. 13" Macbook purchased in 2006 and still working fine!
  2. Dell 14R, love it! just bought it around Christmas time and it is great. 14 inch screen, not too big, not too little, just right! (I sound like Goldilocks, lol)
  3. Sony vaio TZ series
  4. 15 inch macbook pro...seriously, once you go mac, you dont go back!
  5. ^LOL

    Lenovo T61 but looking at the air
  6. I have the Lenovo X61 tablet from 2007.

    It was too slow to do anything and was going to throw it out and buy another one, but then realized all I had to do was run an antivirus - apparently my antivirus subscription expired in 2008 !! Now that I've cleaned up my system, its pretty good.

    I love the look of the mac, but can't stand how all the shortcuts are so different to all my PC shortcuts (especially for work).

    Other than my Lenovo X61, I have another 2 Lenovos (they're so sturdy and reliable), and an ipad. I'll keep the current configuration for now until some other computer breaks down.
  7. MacBook Pro 15". (purchased in late 2007 & still running strong!!!)
  8. Had a Toshiba Portege R700 up until 2 weeks ago. Now a 13" MBP.
  9. macbook pro 13"
  10. I've got a 13" MacBook Pro. I definitely agree with the quote below!
  11. 13" MacBook Pro!
  12. Totally agree!

    I have a 13" MacBook all aluminum unibody model. Looks just like the "pro" model w/out the "pro" name. LOL. I love it!
  13. HP g56... got it during Black Friday at Microcenter for like $300... Price was right. The edges dig into my wrists a little...hard for someone who is on the computer a lot but fine for light use.
  14. HP mini 110, it is very small and fits in a purse but I hate the small battery. I also have 2 regular pc s at home.
  15. Toshiba Satellite.... that's been overheating and getting on my NERVES!