What laptop do you own?

  1. Do you like it?

    I'm in the market for a newbie. My Toshiba Portege R500 is starting to show signs of being a dinosaur :p
  2. I have a macbook pro 13" and I love it.
  3. I have a 13" MacBook. I didn't go with the Pro because I'm not a professional filmmaker or musician, and I didn't want to spend the extra $$$ on the more advanced sound card. Otherwise, the one I have is pretty much the same as the Pro! I'm a digital artist, and my MacBook is great!
  4. My last HP laptop burned out no more HP ever! Hubby surprised me yesterday with a Apple Macbook Pro 13" I love it soooo much and I barely know how to work it! lol It is my first Apple computer I highly recommend it
  5. Toshiba Satellite. My first Toshiba lasted about 5 years and I loved it, so I bought another one.
  6. 13" MacBook Pro i5. Love it. Its my third. The resale value on macs are the best.
  7. My DH swears by Toshiba.
  8. Mbp 13 inch core i5
  9. 13 inch macbook pro :heart:
  10. 17 inch macbook pro. I seriously :heart: it.
  11. I have a Toshiba Satellite and I have to say that I'm very pleased with it :smile:
  12. 13'' Macbook - Purchased in 2007 and still going strong!
  13. Between DH and I we have a few now. Toshiba Satellite, Sony Vaio, Asus EEE netbook, UMID, HP, Macbook and Macbook pro. They all work, but we'll probably get rid of the older ones (vaio, eee and possibly the HP) now that we have ipads, but they all serve a different purpose and have worked well throughout they years (and no viruses at all!). It's nice having both OS in the house, but our gadgets are piling up..not to mention the desktops.

    If you like your Toshiba, ours serves us well and the value can't be beat. Sony Vaio was wonderful too (I'd go with that if you need a small, light high powered laptop for travelling) and have not had a single problem with it but it's like 3600 (!) now for the smallest one. The MacBooks are wonderful for toting around locally, but i travelled with one for a two week period and that was the end of that. Those are nice too, and honestly I can't tell a big difference between the MB and MBP other than the look, backlighting and a couple of little thing. But, the difference in price is pretty minimal also, so if you decide on a mac, I'd try them both out. Although the MB is still pretty new, we might trade it in for the 2012 MBP is released since they're about due for an external upgrade (in addition to the routine internal ones). I'm not the kind to wait every year for the latest and greatest, but this is one I would be likely to wait for if you like them and theres no rush.
  14. what are looking for in a laptop?

    i have a 15" macbook pro i7. i do love it. everything is so fast. i was just fed up with PCs. i do web design and programming so i went with the MBP. for casual users, a macbook or macbook air are great.
  15. Mainly web browsing.