What laptop do you love? I need help!


Nov 2, 2005
I'm guessing most of us are typing away on laptop computers. Do you have one you love? How about the customer service? I need a second computer - Will you share? Thanks as always.

nice people, nice computers for a decent price. however, my gripe is with the manufacturing company Prostar...even though my machine was under warranty, it cost me money to send it in to have the screen replaced when the hinges made it crack. then they sent it back and a couple of months later it cracked again. so i paid shipping charges AGAIN to have it repaired (I was in school and depended on it and it was extremely inconvienent and nervewracking to have to send it away). they told me they would send it back with expedited shipping (which I paid extra for) and they didn't. I called/emailed them several times about getting a refund and they never responded. jerks. plus, my laptop screen was then so loose that it fell over all the time. I tightened it myself.

so don't buy a prostar. they suck big time.
I have a Dell Inspiron 700m and I love it! It's small, light, and so easy to carry around if I want to move from room to room. (My sister has an older laptop and it weighs a ton!!)
I think Dell has pretty good customer service. We had problems on our other computer, and they were very helpful. They walked us through solving the problem until the computer was working...
IBM, all the way.

They're black and boring, but nothing beats it in terms of reliability and durability. I particularly like the x line, since they're the slim ones.

Right now, I'm using a HP desktop replacement, it weighs like 5000 lbs and is massive.. it hasn't given me any trouble yet but I just don't have the same kind of personal history with this company. There have been at least 10 laptops which have moved through my house in the last few years, and the majority of them have been IBM.

I would highly advise against buying Toshiba or Acer. I have a friend who constantly has to get his Toshiba serviced.. he met a woman at the service centre who actually lost her job over the laptop, as it had completely crashed and rendered all data unrecoverable, just in time for a meeting the next day at the law firm she worked at. Acer just makes inferior quality products, their pricing reflects that but it's better to get a nicer laptop that will last.
I might need a new one soon as well :shame: I DROPPED my almost new laptop on the floor last week! It's still working (PLEASE GOD KEEP IT RUNNING!) but my dad (who bought it for me) was not happy!! I don't blame him, I might actually be the clumsiest girl in the world :shame:
my husband and I both got a Dell 700/710m which is, for our needs, the best value for size (we both wanted an ultraportible notebook). We are not involved in graphic design at all, and just use the computer for surfing the internet and using simple MS office-type programs, like powerpoint or word. The screen has very good resolution.
i have the little sony vaio with the digital camera on top and i absolutely love it.....it's small and i've been using it every day all day for years and it's still perfect