What languages do you speak ? > need some advices

  1. I speak English fluently and I'm pretty fluent in Spanish as well. I want to learn Arabic or Mandarin.
  2. Completely fluent in English and Greek. I am also proficient in French.
  3. hi all, im new! i speak filipino, english, some spanish and chinese.
  4. Fluent in Greek and English. Took french from 1-8th grade but had noone to practice with so now I can understand some, but can barely speak it anymore. Italian I took in college, but once again if you don't have someone to practice with, it makes it much harder to retain. Am hoping to start Italian again soon for our vacations!
  5. I speak English and can read French but can only speak a little. I live in France and have yet to master the ability to separate the words as they are spoken. I also am learning Turkish. Its one of the easiest languages I have found to learn. The sounds of the letters never change and you can sound out any word and most likely come out correct. I have learned a little bit of German (not too good at the breathing out sound it sounds like people make) and a little bit of Spanish years ago.
  6. I speak Italian (my mother language) and English fluently.
    I studied French at the Uni and Spanish at the High School, but it's been a long time since then..now I can understand French and Spanish when written but I'm not able to speak them anymore..I have never had the chance to communicate with anyone here since there's no one around me to converse in these languages.
    I failed at learning German (at middle school)..I really didn't like it! :p
  7. English is my mother tongue only because I grew up in the UK. I also speak French and Spanish, but not very fluently any more. I'm hoping to improve those two languages and also learn a couple of new languages over the next 2-3 years - Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Japanese or Swahili. I can't decide! :confused1:

    I agree with everyone who's said it's important to pick a language you really want to learn but that will also be useful, be that for professional or personal reasons. Enjoy and good luck!
  8. I speak Finnish (mother tongue), Swedish, English and German.

    I took German lessons in school for 10 years but I haven't used it in couple years so unfortunately I have forgotten the most of it.

    I have also studied French two years and taken couple courses of Spanish and Russian. I would like to study Spanish again because it's really beautiful and interesting language.
  9. What a wonderfully talented group of people we have here!

    I speak English and Spanish fluently as I grew up with both languages. I also speak French fluently, and am currently at an intermediate level in Italian. I am also learning Portuguese and find it very easy to learn as the grammar is so similar to that of Spanish, but fun and interesting because the pronunciation is quite diverse.

    mo-djoe, do take Italian if you love it! It is a beautiful language and I have greatly enjoyed my study of it thus far. You mentioned that you had had difficulties with Spanish- In my opinion, the grammar of Italian is similar to that of French, so you should not have much of a problem with that. For me, Italian is similar to Spanish in the word construction and the sound.
    That said, I'd also love to learn Arabic, as you mentioned as well. But my original advice remains: learn what you love! You can always learn Arabic afterwards :biggrin:

    Best of luck!
  10. I speak fluently English (first langauge), Finnish (my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are from Finland), and French (canadian schools learn it jk-12)

    I would love to learn Italian!
  11. My school requires that, too. French is mandatory, and then you get to pick a second/third language starting at 3 grade and along the way, you pick up other languages as electives trough the grades. I do know that other countries do require their students to learn languages besides their native..
  12. I am in the US and went to a private school. We didnt have languages until highschool which to me is too late to start. I took french but dont remember a thing.

    My little sister is now in middle school and shes had spanish for a couple years already...but shes in a public school
  13. oh my i'm so impressed, a lot of you speak so many languages, ( british) english is my first language, but i also speak american english, i'm learning spanish and i'd say my knowledge it is a little more than intermediate. I understand way more than i can speak and i'm planning on learning italian and french also.
  14. English / Taiwanese / Mandarin / Spanish
  15. I speak Vietnamese and English.

    Took Spanish in HS but forgot it all except the basics.