What L.A.M.B. Should I Get Next?!


Which should I choose?!

  1. Glazed Capri! It's a timeless bag that will go with everything

  2. Asti. It's a great spring hobo!

  3. Venezia: Classic and Feminine with the Frame!

  4. Ashton: Need some Leopard to hang with the Cheetah!

  5. Beverly: Rescue it from Brit!

  6. WAIT!

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  1. I have a BD coming up soon and I've decided to get a new LAMB! The problem is I can't decide what I want.

    So, here are my choices or the other option is to use what I have (and get the ones out that haven't seen daylight for a while) and wait for newer bags this Spring:

    Glazed Capri:
    I've lusted after this bag, but know that a few of you found it uncomfortable to carry. Now I don't know.
    Asti: Not sure if it would hold all my junk, but could lighten my load for spring!

    Venezia: Just love the look of the Frame Bag! Don't really care if it's practical :p
    Leopard Ashton: This is just too cute, but couldn't carry it over my arm if needed. Purely and HAND-bag.

    Beverly! I know I said I didn't like this line at first, but it's growing on me. Hell, I know I'd rock it better than Brit!
  2. I voted for the glazed Capri, but if dirt were not a factor I would choose the Venezia :drool:
  3. I voted for the Ashton. It's so pretty :love:
  4. Asti!!!!
  5. I love them all.. but im thinking asti!
  6. ITA:yes:
  7. I voted Glazed Capri! ;)
  8. Venezia. Love that frame.
  9. Venezia. it is so cute
  10. I voted beverly... cause someone needs to save that poor hand bag from britney... I also think it SO cute.. It's like a grown up harajuku lovers that appeals to me.... One day i'll post how many of those damn HL bags i have.
  11. I voted for the glazed capri, but I love the shape of the venezia just not the color because I would ruin it.
  12. The Glazed Capri is stunning!
  13. I know! I love this bag in the same glazed black leather as the Capri.

    UGH, decisions....decisions.....
  14. i love love love the venezia and the capri.. but i voted for venezia!
  15. Asti!