What L.A.M.B. are you carrying today?

  1. yeah... I found Black and white fabric that I am gonna put on the walls!!! now if could only find that shadow blue colored fabric to re-do my bench... Or better yet if i could get my hands on some lamb fabric.
  2. BE Exeter...my favorite! :love:
  3. I am gonna carry my new HL bag till I get my shadow rowington... then that baby is gonna be my run around get stuff i need for my trip purse!
  4. Hm... Nude capri or silver montego tomorrow.. I gotta break one of the new babies out!
  5. When are we getting pictures luna???? :shrugs:
  6. ^^we're waiting :popcorn:
  7. i'm at my parents house.. so tomorrow i'll break out my mom's camera if I can find it... lol
  8. The cheetah oxford satchel from the 4 in the morning video.
  9. have my LS mandeville with me today.. and i'm lovingggg it!
  10. Still my Shadow Westfield:p
  11. Been rockin my Rasta Montego since Sunday!!!
  12. broke out my cheetah kingaston today:heart::heart::love:
  13. silver montego! :smile:
  14. rasta montego
  15. ^^ oh yeah baby!!