What L.A.M.B. are you carrying today?

  1. I wore my Shadow Westfield during the day and I am about to break out that Shadow Carlisle I am hitting the town Lambies....
  2. ^^Hot Mama!
  3. Shadow Mandeville. Still. :shame:
  4. Saddle Mandeville today. Much less of a work-out than the Montego. :biguns:
  5. ^^ lol
  6. I swear I sometimes think about how much of a workout I am getting when I carry my LAMB bags...I actually try to switch arms to keep it even!
  7. I was gonna do the Lipstick mandeville (Can I tell you how much LOVE i have for this bag!! I totally am head over heels for it!!!) But I think I will carry my rasta montego. It needs some love. I also may be doing a 2-fer today I am thinking of busting out my oxford later so I don't have to carry a seperate knitting bag...
  8. shadow mande
  9. Leopard Alston!
    WhiteLeopardAlston.jpg 002.jpg
  10. Cheetah Morant. :p
  11. Back to the Lipstick Montego :biguns:
  12. Still carrying my SHADOW WESTFIELD!
  13. Lipstick Mandeville :love:
  14. cheetah devon...man this bag is huge! but I do love it for school :heart: wouldn't trade it for anything else
  15. Huge AND gorgeous! Don't you just get all the looks when you carry it? :girlsigh: I was rockin' the Leopard Alston today but I don't think I can wait to start carrying the Venezia now!!! :wtf: