What L.A.M.B. are you carrying today?

  1. Bullseye Montego!
    bullseyemontego.jpg 003.jpg bullseyemontego.jpg 002.jpg
  2. The devon..I cant carry anything else right now..I just cant..
  3. smoke camden :smile:
  4. Just my shadow clutch wallet inside of a non-lamb bag (please don't throw things at me...):flowers:
  5. Lol, don't feel bad Lindsay. Today was an LV day for me. :p
  6. Good, glad to know that I'm not the only one cheating.:heart:
  7. I carry LAMB, and LV gets mad. I carry LV and LAMB gets mad. I carry a Mandeville and the Marleys are jealous. I carry a Morant and the Cyrpus complain. Unless you are monogomous, someone will always get hurt. :p
  8. I've been cheating on my Cheetah! ;)

    The whole last week was Chloé quality time and my poor Commodore got sent to her dustbag. She's out today and I think we've made up a bit.

    Hopefully I can get a new LAMB brother or sister for my Commodore. That should make her happy, right?

    Or make me happy! :graucho:
  9. Today is my Lipstick Marley Hill. I had hoped tomorrow would be my BE Exter, but with all this snow I might not make it out of the house. :sad:
  10. Shadow Mandeville! The girls at Off 5th FREAKED OUT when they saw it too. :p
  11. LOL why is it we always are ahead of SA's??
  12. Lipstick Montego - and I walked into Coach and the girls there FREAKED!! They kept asking what it was, where they could get it. :p
  13. Dang! Everytime I see Devon..I don't want to give mine up anymore. I still have it and have not fully commited to selling it to my friend..
    Now, I'm thinking I should just keep it ....it'll be a good day trips bag with my kids, right?
    Someone please help me justify keeping it !!!!
  14. Isn't the fact that it's gorgeous enough to keep it? Well, if you need another reason...yes day trips with the kids is an excellent example. Also carrying books, files, folders, and traveling too! :tup:

    Yvonne, don't you just love that? I have people come up to me all the time, mostly when I'm carrying my LS Mandeville. I love educating new people on LAMB!
  15. Today was a lipstick mandeville day. Again... I have been carrying it a lot this week. But the boyfriend LOVES it and he was visiting me.