what kooba is this???

  1. SO! last nite we had friends over and i was LOVING my friend's black patent handbag (it seemed like there was a croc pattern on it too), when she tells me that its a KOOBA that her husband got for her FROM KOOBA in return for doing some work for then (he runs an engineering business and i think he helpsthem design their storesor something) - how freaking cool is that???? of course i jumped right in and asked for a red elisha and he said he would ask (this is after several bottles of wine of course) - the bag was very unstructured and had two tote handles and i believe gold hardware - it seemed like a drapey sienna but im really not sure...any thoughts???

    he also told me that there would be a "janine" bag in their next production line named after his wife (my friend) - again, how cool is that????
  2. Did you check out the Kooba website to see which bag it is? I know the pattern could be a python print-I don't think Kooba made a croc print unless it was a long time ago. The black python pattern is on the Julia and Ryan styles. Or if it's an older style you could check eBay too. That is very cool! Why don't you get one named after you too? Good luck on your search let us know if you find out which one it is.
  3. you are right, it was a black python! and i think it was the ryan, thanks!!! it wa really beautiful, and of course, my friend was shocked that i even knew of Kooba since she had never heard of Kooba! I live in a very all Coach/LV/Vera Bradley area (central NJ)- people don't branch out much (except for me!). You should see the looks I get when i wear my HH bags - alwasy getting compliments but then blank stares when i say the brand :smile:
  4. Yes I know what you mean! I live in redneck Alberta-close enough to Edmonton but still no one knows what a Kooba is. There is only one retailer that sells them here (Blu's) but even Holt Renfrew has never heard of them-at least the employees in Edmonton don't know what they are! They carry them in other stores across Canada but not here...let us know if you get one!
  5. That is just too cool. I saw a light blue croc bag listed on eBay several times. In fact, Lexie had her eye on it for awhile. I think it's listed again. But you've already identified the one you saw as a Ryan, nice bag. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for the debut of the "Janine". I'm loving that new Lola.
  6. i was wrong - it;s a black python CHARLIE and man, i am loving that bag!!!
  7. Yes I like the Charlie too!
  8. so guess what arrived at my friend's house for me?? a RED ELISHA!!!! I love love LOVE it!!!! i love the burgandy color coupled with the burnished brass hardware but the best part (besides the bow) are the exterior magnetic pockets - they fit baby bottles!!

    and the saga continues...i got a sneak peak at the "janine" bag named for my friend and it's pretty cool! Can't wait to see it come out - plus, there will also be a bag named after her and her husband's last name, the Brady - i know bag royalty!!!

    Anyone snag a Toby yet?? my youngest is named Toby and i'm tempted to grab it but am hoping for some spring colors...
  9. That is so awesome!! I hope you love the red elisha I only hear good things about it! SInce it came directly from Kooba you probably got it for such a steal.