What kinds of women like vintage, high-end handbags?

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  1. This question is for research only: Would you buy a 20 or 30 year old refurbished Gucci bag? Not as-is, but completely restored? How much would you pay for such a purse?

  2. Depends on how cute i think it is????
  3. What kind of research is this for?
  4. it's totally personal. i'm not doing this for a company or anything like that. i just want to know if there is a real market for vintage designer purses. i'm contemplating starting an e-business.
  5. 1) What kind of woman? Surely not my kind:graucho: I am totally not into vintage bags.

    2) No, I would not. I'd rather invest in something new.

    The problem with high-end vintage is that it would probably be more expensive than no-name vintage. Unfortunately, we are still talking about used bags and bags seem to lose value just as quickly as computers and cars.

    From the point of view of the seller: leather does not age well and I am not sure how far you can go restoring leather. Would it be worth the investment and the time spent to put old bags back in shape?

    If the bags are in canvas, it is (possibly) even worse. Canvas can get very dirty when not coated, and full of cracks when coated. In either case, you will still have to repair/change also the lining, which also tends to get very dirty and damaged. I can see lots of work with no-gurantee of satisfactory results.

    From the point of view of the buyer: if I was looking at vintage bags to save money, I would not buy an old (albeit "restored") high-end, which would probably be still very expensive. If I want to buy a designer for every day use, I probably have enough money to buy a new one - which in any case makes more sense.

    The only case scenario I can see this purchase happening is if I was looking at vintage to collect, without any money problem. So your target is collectors with money. Good luck!!!!
  6. Depends on the bag.

    Depends on design and quality.

    I don't care what year it's from - it's what ever I need and like.

    High-end labels re-use, sorry re-issue their old, sorry vintage bags intermittently anyway so I don't see a dilemma.
  7. I prefer newer bags but have interited some older ones and they are just as gorgeous as my newer ones. Chanel, and LV are my vintage bags.
  8. If the bag is in good condition and you like it and the price is reasonable, why not? Are you asking us whether you should buy the vintage Gucci or is the thread title alone meant to be a discussion topic?
  9. I would buy it if it was cheaper than buying a new gucci bag. It has to be adorable of course!
  10. I don't do vintage. I do understand that age adds a certain something to some items, wines, artwork for example, but where it comes to personal items,clothing *especially*, shoes, and yes, even bags, I do not want something someone else has worn or used.

    If it's an *unused* vintage bag or dress, I that would make a difference, but as a rule, I don't want something worn or used by someone else, even refurbished. It just seems unhygenic and weird to me. If the previous owner were a family member, maaaaybe I'd feel differently. :weird: :shrugs:
  11. in response to iffah's comment, the thread title alone is meant to be a discussoin topic. i already bought the vintage Gucci and sent it off to have it refurbished. i have no intention on selling it at all. i was just curious.:sneaky:
  12. :smile:New is always great, but a vintage bag in mint condition can be an investment if the style is no longer made. workmanship on a good vintage bag can be amazing, of course only buy what you really like and condition is key. gii31
  13. i would buy a vintage bag in great shape for the right price. i have nothing against vintage items, and actually like the fact that they are no longer available. however, my biggest pet peeve is that vintage bags often have a "vintage" odor. if the bag was odorless and in mint shape (refurbished or not), i would buy it.
  14. Based on your thread title, I do buy vintage because some of the older designs are being discontinued now and I don't mind collecting them if it's still in good condition. Even if the design still exists now, the quality of some vintage bags are, imo, better than the recent ones.:smile: As for price, it depends on the age, condition and also, my budget.

    I got confused because you asked the question, "Would you buy a 20 or 30 year old refurbished Gucci bag?". There are many vintage bags of different brands.