**What kinds of LV charms & small accessories do you hang on your LV? Post Pics!**

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  1. Do you put Louis Vuitton charms and accessories on your LV bag, like a Cles, round coin purses, or scarves? Post pics!
  2. No pics, but I put Hermes and LV twillies and scarfs, cles', and keychains (discoball jack and lucie pastilles) on my various bags. I like to change it up.
  3. Same here..mine consist of the Pastilles extender, blue or red Groom cles, the Groom pochette cles, Cerises PMR, the silver disco ball keyring, all the Speedy Inclusion keyrings (not all at once lol) and both Jack & Lucie's (also not all at once).
    I currently have my orange Jack & Lucie on my Mandarin Epi Jasmin, my silver disco ball on my silver Miroir Speedy and my Framboise Speedy keyring on my BH.
  4. I'm soo jealous of your collection BTW rebecca. I think we all are.
  5. Lol..thanks :shame:

    There are definitely some collections that I drool over though..especially ones with a lot of the more limited bags. :love:
  6. I have a lot of cute little (non-designer) charms that I hang off of my bags. I never used my LV bandeau, since I have bags that wouldn't look good with it. I'll go take some pictures! :p
  7. Me too. All my faves are super LE bags. Like the headphone bag that was posted recently is probably my fave LV ever. For some reason mono doesn't do it for me anymore.
  8. I used to put on scarves but now I don't put anything cuz I find there's too much going on and LV's monogram pattern is already pretty bold

    me too! lol:p I love your LVs, rebecca!
  9. Lol, I still do love my mono, but my favorites are the Trompe L'oeil bags and the lizard trimmed Cerises Sac Fermoir. So gorgeous :love:
  10. Aww thanks! :shame:
  11. I love those too! I also love the Chichilla demi lune, Oska waltz, and this damier doggy carrier (SO) that i saw. I really love the idea of an epi trunk set as well.:graucho:
  12. Ooh epi trunks!!!
    And heh..my demi lune..I've only used it a couple of times because it's pretty delicate but I LOVE it.
  13. Well I dont have any yet b/c i dont want to hang non-LV charms from my bag, but I want to get the white MC cles for my Baggy PM or the Jack & Lucie:love:
  14. I just bought a Damier Speedy 25 ans I tie an orange perfo bandeau to it. I also have an orange perfo cles. I want to but some juicy charms but I can wait, I'm in no rush.
  15. [​IMG]
    they were surprise christmas presents from my DH.....mini sac modeled them for me!!! :heart: