What kinda pie gal are you?

  1. What is your fav kind of pie at the holidays? Pumkin,Pecan or apple?

    Me all of the above!:drool:
  2. I like all of them. But especially pumpkin.
  3. Every year I buy a chocolate cream to go along with all of the above flavors, its alway the first to go!!LOL!!
  4. love all of them...yummy!
  5. love them all..:love: :love:
  6. I love Apple & Pumpkin. I haven't really tried Pecan. Apple is my favorite by far...get it at McDonalds w/ vanilla ice cream & carmel & it's heaven.
  7. I'm allergic to pecans, but pumpkin and apple really are soo good!! My grandma makes the BEST pies!
  8. Pumpkin!! Apple is okay but I have never been a fan of pecan.
  9. Even thoug it is not a "holiday" pie my favorite is banana cream pie.:love:
  10. ALL pie is GOOD pie :drool: !! Seriously, if it's pie, it's ok in my book.
  11. Pecan and pumpkin and 3 berry pie...yummm
  12. I LOOOOVVVEEE banana cream pie!!!! Pumpkin is yummy!
  13. I usually do a little sliver of each (with whipped cream!) but if I had to choose, I'd say pecan.
  14. Apple!!!

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