what kind?

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  1. i already own two hermes kelly bags, one in red, one in white.
    im planning on buying an hermes BIRKIN- the complete classic, but i don't know whether to go for a black with gold hardwear or a chocolate with gold hardwear :confused1:
    what do you lot think?
  2. Black! But that's because everything I own is black...... :rolleyes:
  3. I second black, for the same reason as S'mom!
  4. Ooooo .... tough choice! Black vs Choc Black vs Choc Black vs Choc .... I can't do it!
  5. black would be another classic!
  6. I would opt for Black too!
  7. Does one color look better on you? I am mostly an autumn/brown girl myself so I'd go with chocolate. :smile::drool:
  8. OOOOOOO, Chocolate would be PERFECT for you, H!!!!!
  9. I concur. (I've missed saying that).
  10. Black all the way!!
  11. I agree that how the colour looks on you is really important.

    Try on the leather, even if it's on a different bag, to get an idea.

    Last week I bought a chocolate box birkin. It was the most gorgeous bag. :love: The leather was divine, the colour lovely. It just didn't look very good on me. :yucky: In the end I exchanged it for something else.
  12. Well whichever color you prefer is the best answer; but if you like both - whichever one you find FIRST!
  13. Oh man! I so want choc box!
  14. You're such a liar, wong. :rolleyes:
    It looked fabulous on you but you preferred something else.
  15. Oh, all right. I confess.

    It did look good. Almost fabulous. But not as to die for as the cognac ostrich.

    Can I help it if I'm one flashy dame??? LOL.

    I just realised I was so distracted by bags last week that I completely forget to check out those Hermes horn-y items that I so loved from your post.
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