What kind of women use LV?

  1. My cousin who is an artist/designer has been trying to get me to buy my first LV for a long time. He thinks they are gorgeous, which I agree, but then I always wonder...

    What kind of women use LV? And am I that kind of women? Would I look weird/pretentious/crazy carrying one? I am in my mid 20s and I graduated from a prestigious east coast school and moved to the midwest...i took on a job at a nice firm and gets paid very well (especially for the midwest). I live in one of the most upscale part of my city, and of course, I'm a single working woman.

    Girls in my neighborhood carry all kinds of LVs around. But I always wonder, are those girls all bankers, lawyers, married, or have really nice daddys? (I love my daddy too but wouldn't ask him to buy LVs for me, although he would probably do it.) Although I know I can definitely afford to buy LVs, I am always only comfortable spending 300-400 on a bag. Plus, since I'm a single working woman, would people think...oh hers is prolly fake?

    So what are you guys' stories?
  2. Women who have good taste carry LV. ;)

    It doesn't matter what other people think of you when carrying an LV bag... as long as you like it and you know it's real, that's all that matters! Forget those who want to assume that your bag is fake... they probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake if someone slapped them across the face with one. :bagslap:

    What are your thoughts on the Speedy and Neverfull?
  3. I don't necessarily think it's any certain kind of woman myself. It's just a personal thing. Because I love my LV's when I see someone else with an authentic one of course I admire their taste in purses since it is similar to mine... however, like most anything there are certain styles etc that I just do not like. Now, I do think if you want some type of classification (I always hate putting people in boxes) I think it shows taste, class, and it just depends on the style purse i.e. mono, damier, epi if it's dressy or just a casual go around town bag. It's really all up to you and if you want it. I have found that it's like an addiction personally... you get one and you want more and more and more. Then there are some who get one and it's just not their thing and that's it, no more. A take it or leave it thing. I don't really look at someone who has an LV and think wow, their daddy bought that or wow, they must be well off. I just look at it and admire it for what it is ... a high quality beautiful purse.
  4. Welcome first off!

    I just got my first Louis last month, but I'm nearing my 2nd one soon...

    I am a stay at home pregnant mom of 3.5 boys. My DH has a fantastic job working corporately for an apparel company. I am a crazy woman who sings in a band~well, not yet-LOL I retired when I got pg. So hopefully I'll be in another one soon....but either way~I love my designers, and I don't think that it's for "Certain" people. I think everyone should carry them! LOL!
    I am sure you would look awesome wearing a Louis! AND, you should get one if it's in your cards!! Good Luck!!
  5. It matters on where you go. If you head off to your local mall... than every other girl has Louis Vuitton. It's not uncommon to see them. But they're mostly fake... because it's a mall. :push:

    But I usually am at Neiman Marcus with my personal shopper, or the Fur Vault, Chanel... wherever and I go and it's the very posh women with fur, high heels, designer clothing and bossing everyone around (in a classy way) that wears Louis Vuitton bags.
  6. I got LVs,but I do have different opinoins toward them.I always think that LV is too obvious specially the monogram design. I learned that men have negative reactions(while dating) towards women with high-end designer bags. I am not saying that you shouldn't buy one,I just think that if you really want to buy a high-end designer bag, you should get a conservative one, like those bags which do not have logos everywhere.This kind of bag reveals your classic taste but less splurge.
    I do not think there is one certain kind of women who carry LVs, it can be the girl who got rich Dad, and can be the girl who got rich bf,can be the girl who earn a lot, etc.,....I do think that girls who carry LV are mostly materialistic, and I admit I am, the only difference is how much materialistic you are!
  7. The lines without logos all over (i.e. Taiga, Utah, Epi, Suhali) are actually in most cases pricier than the ones WITH the logos.
    Unless you're talking about a different designer completely?
  8. I only have LV bags. And I have quite a few. I could care less what people think or say about me. I am not a "CERTAIN" kind of person, I am ME! If you want an LV, then buy one. If you don't, then don't!

  9. I actually disagree... i don't think it shows you are materialistic, I actually think in many ways it shows common sense. If you go to Target, WalMart, etc and buy a 30-45.00 purse that purse will last you maybe 3-5 months tops. So, you would be average a little over $100.00 per year for a disposable purse, as most of these have little quality and will be torn, ripped, etc after a short time. So, then you add that up to about $300.00 for 3 years and so on. You have nothing to show for that money spent. However, I can spent say $600.00 for a Speedy, carry it, have it hold up, and then it even have a resale value when I want something new. It's not disposable. I am not materialistic IMO. My mother just taught me when you buy quality items then you have an investment. Just like furniture... I am not going to go out and buy some kind of pressboard furniture and expect it to hold up and have any kind of value at the end of my usage of it. However, if I buy quality real woods then it's something I can pass on to my children and/or sell it when I am done as it has retained not only it's value, but it's usability.
  10. Ok..for me, I think it's kind of..I don't know..wrong? to assume that just because someone has a designer, logo-ed bag, that they're materialistic.
    In addition, I also think that that word is quite overused nowadays and people don't really even get what it means.
    Materialistic is defined, in general, by dictionary.com as "a person who is markedly more concerned with material things than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values."
    This isn't something I'd be proud to flaunt..anyway, sure, if your conversations consist completely about designer items and not about more serious issues, then yes, you're materialistic. But if you're like me and most others here, designer items play a small role in your otherwise hectic lives and having a designer bag (logo-ed or not), is not the end all and be-all in your life. For example, when I'm carrying around a bag, I sometimes even forget what it is that I'm carrying, I don't hold it out like a trophy declaring, "look at me, I'm a freak for designer logos."

    But I digress and I'm sorry about that.
    To the OP, I like to think that people who carry LVs appreciate the craftsmanship and history of the fashion house and like to be able to use the bags to spiff up otherwise boring outfits. I wouldn't worry about anyone thinking your bag is fake...as long as YOU know it's real, that's all that matters. I would consider a Neverfull or a Batignolles Horizontal. The BH is my absolute favorite monogram bag. It's great for carrying daily essentials and even a bit more!
  11. Most ppl who have the worst things to say about spending money on such things or for carring a "desinger bag"...are mostly by those that dont take the plunge and cant relate......

    Really, it comes down to your taste and what you decided to spend your money on. I really likes purses and enjoy them so they are worth it to me. To others, it might not be......different strokes for different folks....
  12. Like John said, anyone who has good taste can carry LV. There are a VARIETY of people on this forum, whether they are students, stay at home moms, lawyers, retail workers, etc...so it's definitely not just for a certain "class" of people.

    And I myself am a single, 19-year-old part-time working and full-time schooling woman. Do most people think my LVs are fake? Not really. And would I really care if people wonder if my bag is fake? Not really.

    If you are going to buy an LV just because you think you are the "type" of woman to carry one...IMO you shouldn't buy an LV; you're buying it for all the wrong reasons. I think a person should spend good money on LV if he/she loves what he/she is getting...not because it's some sort of status symbol or not because you're trying to prove to someone that you're some sort of woman (whatever type you're talking about).

    ...but of course, I'm not trying to tell you how you should spend your money...just think carefully before you buy an LV. If someone's influencing you to buy one and you're not too sure, you should go with what YOU think, not what others think.
  13. Im 24, i have a nice collection.. I dun care wat the others think.. I work hard for my obsession and im proud of it.. In singapore we have young people in their teens carrying authentic LV ard.. Its a blessing to have rich daddy, Good paying JOb or just good old hard work and saving..
  14. Any kind of women would use LV.
  15. I am a working gal and no one else carries a designer bag where I work. I have gotten so many compliments on my black epi speedy 30. From men and woman and no one thinks its fake...