What kind of wedding band would look good with this e-ring

  1. At the moment my boyfriend and I are still looking at rings (no engagement.. yet!) but we both really like this ring... what suggestions would you guys have for a wedding band that would compliment it...?


  2. I think an eternity band would look great with that ring. :yes:
  3. ^ITA!! Gorgeous!!
  4. eternity!
  5. Either prong set or channel set eternity would be really pretty.
  6. a simple white gold or platinum band that matches the band on the ring. (not a fan of diamond bands with rings - i like a clean line)
  7. i say either prong or bead set eternity band or plain band. that's the type of ring that you have LOTS of options. i personally would always choose more diamonds. :smile: kristydarling has a very similar ring and an eternity band. it's GORGEOUS combo....i think her pics are in the ring thread somewhere.
  8. My boyfriend and I went in and tried this ring on over the weekend and I found that even though I LOVE the look of an eternity band.. a simple, thing platinum band looked best.. go figure ;)
  9. that ring is enough bling... don't need the extra diamond on the eternity band.

  10. Yea, I found that out after I tried it on with an eternity band... Oh well, I want all the focus to be on the e-ring anyway :graucho:
  11. You definately want to showcase the ering. A simple band will do!
  12. prong set eternity band most def. :woohoo: :woohoo:
  13. Eternityor simple plain band. Both will look gorgeous I'm sure, because this ring itself is fabulous.
  14. i have a three stone oval ering. it was difficult trying to find the right matching wedding ring b/c of the length of the middle diamond (kinda overlaps into the space where the wedding band should be, if you know what i mean).

    i have both a prong half circle circle diamonds eternity band, and a channel set half circle square diamond band. the prong has bigger diamonds. they're both nice, but each changes the look of the ering.

    the prong adds a lot of bling, while the channel is understated but truly elegant. so it depends where i go as to which wedding band i'll wear. but between the two, the channel tiffany band is my favorite.
  15. i'd spend all the money on the engagement ring (biggest center diamond you can swing), get a modest platinum band to go with it.

    then down the line for an anniversary, get an eternity band to celebrate your years together

    just my thoughts