What kind of wedding band should I get?

  1. I really like eternity bands as wedding rings but I have a very unusual engagement ring. It is a cluster of diamonds set in gold and the shape of it means that it might be hard to find a wedding ring that compliments it. I'm not too keen on having a shaped wedding band as I'd also like to be able to wear it on its own. I have attached a couple of pics of my e-ring but they're not very good at all. Do you think I could wear a diamond eternity band underneath my e-ring? I've already discovered that channel set rings don't look right. I'm wondering whether it would be easier to switch my e-ring to my right hand and just wear my wedding band on my left. What do you think? :confused1: Any pics would be greatly appreciated!

    DSC00168.jpg DSC00176.jpg
  2. I think if you did an eternity band that was the right size, it would work. I think it would need to be smaller than larger.
  3. Hum I am not sure, but I really love your ring!
  4. I agree - look for diamond etenrity bands with small stones that are bead set (rather than shared prong or channel set) and that may look more delicate and match the ring better. Good luck.
  5. You could look into having a custom band made that will fit against your e-ring. Apparently it is quite common to do that--I was just talking with a jeweller about it last week.

    Alternately, you could wear the rings on different hands. If you like the idea of a set, I would suggest custom work.
  6. Great ring! I see what you're talking about--it looks like it could be tricky!

    Have you tried on rings with it to see if they'll look well together? I did that with my engagement ring and then found what I wanted. Luckily, my setting is high, so the ring I chose sat flush--but, I wanted to make sure they'd "play nice" with each other--so I tried on LOTS of rings.

    I had a full chanel band but, that didn't work with my active lifestyle--so I switched it to a half chanel and I really like it. Your idea of an eternity band sounds great and the suggestion above regarding the bead setting sounds divine!
  7. Thanks for all the replies.

    I've tried a few rings on since. A channel set band really doesn't work. I tried a bead set eternity band on which was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen but it was platinum and I need yellow gold. I think that is definately going to be the way to go.

    Thanks again ppl... I knew you'd have some great advice :yes:
  8. Well I changed my mind completely! I now either wear my engagement ring on my right hand or not at all as I picked a wedding band that didn't sit properly with it. It was the right choice as my wedding ring is very 'me'. Sorry for the bad picture, I've had to use my camera on my phone
  9. I think a very fine eternity band would look nice with your ring